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    Anyone on here recently used a floating cow tank,

    it does look a good way of getting some weight off , but as said above a lot of effort
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    Anyone on here recently used a floating cow tank,

    I suppose the fear of drowning is one way of persuading a cow it would be in its best interests to stand up
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    Does anyone make their own stakes

    Could anyone recommend a contractor with a mobile saw like a woodmiser who would travel to Penrith area and saw up some larch for us. got 40 lengths left after clearing a 5 acre spruce wood on farm @Bobthebuilder @Hilly
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    Groundswell Show 2022

    We are in the SFI pilot with all our pp and smaller arable area in the advanced soils standard. My little grip , which I have had a go at Janet about recently, is the definition of pp which I think it is really any field of grass you can't or shouldn't grow spring barley on. Maybe 3 soils...
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    Dairy Farm For Sale

    Is this a bit like the game where you have a card stuck to your forehead and you have to guess the person written on it. My turn, A6 , Wigton road, or fellside to Brampton ?
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    Brewing your own silage Inoculant

    Thanks for all the replies , got milk powder ,will look for some dextrose, been making live system since the early days but I'm not impressed with the more instant type of product its become. Like to think we are applying a live and working bacteria.
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    Brewing your own silage Inoculant

    If I was going to multiply our inoculant , what would i use as the starter medium ?
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    Agrimech Grasshopper

    Our policy of filing every bit of paper sent to us pays off. . One of these might have some spares in the back of the workshop.
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    Bulk Feed Blower Pipe

    Try Collinson's , replaced our pipe using their parts , they have an online store if you scratch around a bit. Helpful when I called to order/pay.
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    All things Dairy

    Are you the owner of a Defender with moo on the number plate ? Was sat having lunch near Keswick yesterday and thought if that doesn't belong to a dairy farmer I will be amazed.
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    All things Dairy

    We stick a collar on from on our bulling heifers numbered 1 to 100 ,match the number to the last two digits on the ear tag. I tag our eighty odd heifers with a consecutive run of tags. Helps massively to ldentifiy whose who.
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    Economics of store cattle

    Someone once said to me when I was thinking of growing our beef calves on, there are three people in the chain, the breeder , the rearer and the finisher. At any time only one of these will make a profit, but none of them knows who it will be. We are still selling our calves at 8 weeks.
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    Anyone signed up for the SFI Pilot?

    We are trying to sign up, but are having the same problem as you Manny, aiming to do advanced soils on all the good grassland and arable area of the farm. But two fields which were in barley for years then grassed down when prices were low . Went from temporary to PG1 now back in spring barley...
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    Legal advice regarding uncles estate

    Not that my thoughts are worth anything , I think you start a new partnership when the partners change ,especially when a partner passes away
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    Milking parlour wanted.

    we have a 8200 litre fullwood DX tank in our yard with compressors and a water heater priced to sell.
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    Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) pilot

    I found applying very easy , almost too much so that I was worried about what I have missed out. We kept it simple and only applied for the two soils standards.
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    Hosier - Open-Air Dairying

    Could I recommend , for anyone who is interested, reading Farmers Glory by AG Street . Got through it this spring and it describes farming before the first world war , one man to 10 cows handmilking ,his emigration to Canada which is fascinating, breaking the prairies with a lot of horses and...
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    Current market for autumn bulling heifers

    We have 20 surplus heifers to sell, born Nov / Dec , genus AI sires Holstein and Jersey cross. A nice bunch. I am now wondering if they might sell as well at Penrith stirk sale as at a dairy one. What are they worth ?
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    Telehandler tyres

    If icould not find a couple of part worn tyres I would put some new cross ply ag ones on , cheaper and feel more stable when loading grain lorries ,
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    Extracting Milk from Receiving Jar with NO Milk Pump

    We had a great double diaphragm pump on our dairymaster for 25 years although we did buy two second-hand from Glastonbury which we swapped about, so were never sure which ones we had on. all the noise was in the dairy so enjoyable quiet milking, and they worked well with the plate cooler running...