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  1. ricky_rascal

    John Deere 5100M spool valve lever adjustment

    Wondering if anyone can help. I have a JD 5100M and middle of three spool valve levers in the cab appears to be out of adjustment. When the lever is in neutral it is sitting forward of where it should be and although it can be pushed further forward to ‘retract’ but cannot be pushed any further...
  2. ricky_rascal

    Graham Witty

    Heard tonight from the Mrs that Graham Witty has died suddenly. He was first person to win both conventional and reversable world ploughing championship. My thoughts are with his family.
  3. ricky_rascal

    Triffitt trailer brakes..

    Not my trailer but... Triffitt 2008 32foot straw trailer with oil brakes and the brakes keep sticking slightly on. I think 2 firms have serviced the brakes and although works fine for a while the brakes start to stick after a while. You can of course knock the levers back in front of the rams...
  4. ricky_rascal

    John Deere 5100M fuel problem.

    Bought a 15 plate ex demo JD 5100M (and loader) with 250hrs on nearly 2 years ago. All went well until last winter when we got some frosts. Started to light an error on dashboard which turned out to be fuel low pressure. It eventually stopped and couldn't get it going again. Dealer came out and...
  5. ricky_rascal

    General Grabber AT3 tyres for pickup

    Pickup tyres getting worn and a look round at tyres I see General have upgraded their 4x4 tyres. Of interest is there new Grabber AT3 tyre. Anyone using them? Are they quiet on the road? What are they like on wet/dry roads and off road. I've had a set of Cooper Discoverer ST MAXX's Had them...
  6. ricky_rascal

    Diesel waxing

    Evening all. Had a prob today with diesel waxing in both my tractors, a 2yo John Deere and an older Ford 4600. Usually would have bought more diesel late October but with wet backend not used as much so still on fuel delivered end of Aug. I've had a search on here and Kamco Waxbreaker Gold has...
  7. ricky_rascal

    East Yorkshire Machinery

    Nearly choked on my coffee listening to news on Minster FM I never would have thought it :whistle:
  8. ricky_rascal

    Massey 8690 flashing 4wd light

    Pretty much as in title. 8690 dyna-vt without any warning the 4wd light on dash is flashing and isn't going into 4wd. Not my tractor but I drive it. Haven't had time to look through manual yet but could it be something simple like a fuse? Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
  9. ricky_rascal

    Isuzu DPF issues again

    DPF filter has been regenerating every 30 to 40 miles for the last 6 months. I've had the filter taken off and cleaned with DPF cleaning foam and the EGR checked and cleaned. But still the damned thing regenerates every 30 miles give or take. Doesn't take long to regenerate and oil level doesn't...