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  1. Durrus

    JCB 531-70 - Oil Specs

    Hi all, Have a 2011 Tier 3 engined new to me machine and want to service her, haven't the manual yet so working in the dark a little. Just looking for a little advice on oil specs please, Transmission sorted with Morris Ct10. Front axel getting Agrimax JDF. Will an 80/90 GL-5 spec do the...
  2. Durrus

    Flushing out tractor back end

    Just in the process of doing the brakes on a JD 6600. Oil came out clean, but we found the brake discs were well worn down with a lot of brake material sitting in the sump behind the screen for the transmission. Just wondering what would be the best way possible to flush this material out? TIA...
  3. Durrus

    JCB 531-70 Error Code L129

    Hi all, I bought a 2011 plate machine a couple of weeks ago and haven't had a chance to go looking for a service manual yet. After spending the past 2 days chasing bales (its first decent bit of work with me) the error code L129 appeared this morning.. Does anyone know what this code relates...
  4. Durrus

    JCB 533- 105

    Have just come across one of these construction spec with Perkins engine, relatively fresh. Seeing as its almost weighing in at 9t and has stabilisers, would it be too big and cumbersome for general yard work, bit of bale chasing etc? Wouldnt need to do any road work. Extra reach would often be...
  5. Durrus

    Expansion Tank Leakage -John Deere 6600

    Evening all, Was changing coolant in above machine today and about 10 minutes after adding flushing fluid to the system, noticed some leakage coming from the main cap of the expansion tank. Temp gauge needle also started to 'flick' between both extremes. Leakage was not excessive and...
  6. Durrus

    JCB 530/70 vs 531/70 - Decisions Decisions!!!

    Hi all, I apologise in advance as I know this is another telehandler thread ( I have read most of them!!) which has nearly been done to death, but please bear with me!!!! Finally in a position to upgrade from the trusty but limited 3cx (which will be kept for Emergencies!!) to one of the...
  7. Durrus

    Re-spraying glyphosate

    Looking for a little advise if I may, I sprayed a field with glyphosate prior to cutting for silage about 6 weeks ago ( when there was some grass!!) with the intention of sowing grass seed. Needless to say we didn't go ahead due to the drought but after finally getting some rain and the...
  8. Durrus

    Ifor Williams DP 120 - 12ft/14ft tri-axle

    Hi all, Over in the UK next week and am on the lookout for the above 12ft or 14ft tri-axle trailer in good condition. Has to be the DP model as I want to remove the body from time to time. If anyone knows of anything in the South Wales/ Southwest area please let me know but would be willing to...
  9. Durrus

    Transmission Oil High Temp Indicator

    JD 6600 here & had the opposite issue a few weeks back with the low temp light flashing but got it sorted with some great advice from the guys on here Tractor on dump trailer for past 2 days and high-temp light started winking late yesterday evening. Checked oil level this morning and all OK (...
  10. Durrus

    Flashing Transmission Oil Indicator Light

    Hi all, Have a JD 6600 at home and the hazard light for the Transmission Oil temp ( low temp one) is flashing on a daily basis once started. Have seen it over the winter but never at this time of year and it only goes out once tractor has warmed up. To be on the safe side, I don't move her...
  11. Durrus

    Piggy back linkage

    Hi Guys, Have been keeping an eye out for a lift pack for an Amazone power harrow so as to mount a seed barrow but they're like hen's teeth on this side of the pond. Just wondering are they more plentiful in the UK?? Have only ever seen one or two for sale from dealer's. TIA