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    Easiest hooking on or off front and rear mowers?

    We've always put a short length of 4x4 below the center "arm" on our novacat, then when you lower the link arms the weight comes straight off the headstock. Without it even if you lock the headstock off it will still keep dropping down and make the job a right pain in the ass
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    Steering ram inner tie rods

    You'll be surprised, we fitted new track rods and joints to our case, and they would continuously unscrew themselves out of the ram, so had to locktite in the end.
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    Young farmer killed in bale-wrapping machine

    rubbish to that, get a few sheep 😂
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    Young farmer killed in bale-wrapping machine

    I'm IPAF trained so just to say. You would never use a safety net under a Scissor lift (physically impossible), and wouldn't use one under a cherry-picker style lifter either. In terms of the law, a Scissor lift does not require any fall restraints. Cherry-pickers or man-cage require a fixed...
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    Sheet your load.......

    My interpretation is that if the load (grain) level is below the sides (at the highest point), then no sheet is needed?
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    Tedder/rake wheel/tyre assembly. 16x6.50-8

    Think we've been using wrong dealer 😂
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    Tedder/rake wheel/tyre assembly. 16x6.50-8

    We've tried in the past to buy them direct from Pottenger as run their tedder and rake, and same size tyre on the McHale baler too. Never managed to get any 👎. Reminds me to look on ebay for this summer..
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    rea valley

    Sharmans are barely any further away than startin, and only took on Case in last year. Then Farmstar at Newark also.. That would be 4 Case dealers in a 40ish mile area..
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    CASE 5150 Powershift problem

    Will most likely be 2nd gear pressure switch, BUT I will say, we had another 5150 (non pro) that spent it's entire life with no 2nd powershift, tried everything to fix it but eventually gave up and just drove around it (suspected was the clutch pack for that gear but never had time to split it...
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    CASE 5150 Powershift problem

    @ACEngineering Got one for us last time.
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    CASE 5150 Powershift problem

    can almost guarantee it will a pressure switch on the transmission, whenever you select that gear it faults and get no drive. When it happens if you dip the clutch and hold it down, the orange transmission light on the left of the dash will flash, think it's like 5 times. very common on these...
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    Air con pipe jd 6910

    If it's the same as a 6900, seat out, panel underneath unscrews and remove. Whole area will be absolutely filth so good time to clean it all out
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    Alliance tyres unbelievable customer service

    Just to sprinkle some positive vibes, had a set of 420/85R24 agristar2 from Terry a few years ago and have been great tyres on the front of our loader tractor, used every day for carting/stacking/feeding bales
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    how do I get Case hydraulics to pump continuously

    They usually have a little latch, or something you pull over to lock the spool in flow. Free flow return is best. No need to lower the flow unless it's too much for what you are running. For example in the summer our wrapper can be running off a spool for 6+ hours a day
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    Trailer rams cock up

    Rub the rust off till smooth with emery cloth, rub a bit of oil on after and you'll be good to go.
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    Vat help on a machine

    Absolutely, otherwise when your books are done you will have money magically appearing from thin air... Which we'd all love to happen, unfortunately the HMRC have a different outlook on it 😂
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    Vat help on a machine

    Recently sold a combine that was bought with Cash from a neighbour who had retired and selling up many years ago, was told to charge VAT on the sale by accountant. This is different though, trailer is owned personally, not by the VAT registered business, so should be sold separately with no...
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    Tractor test

    You don't go on the road, all done in a private yard, using their tractor etc. Much like a scooter course for a 16yo. You do a proper DVLA examined test at the end of the day, to gain the same license as if you just book through the DVLA. I'm just guessing that they might have earlier...
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    Tractor test

    If you really want it that much, pay for a "day course" with a training provider? Waste of money for the actual learning to drive part (or might actually see the bad habits you've picked up on the farm already), but can probably get one much quicker.
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    Bomb proof tractor

    Plus and Pro models have Neutral on the shuttle. We've a 5140 that has both gear selectors mechanical, and a 5150 (not plus/pro) powershift. Both have been here for near enough 25 years now. Both have needed little work, king pin bearings need doing but the carrero axle is very common across a...