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  1. Joe S

    Bonning DSB1

    Hello im kinda new to this section of the forum, manly because our match ploughing is rather different from the 'normal' Anyway kinda half keeping a eye out for a set of bonning boards well 2 sets actually to go on a 3 furrow plough. Bit project with the main goal being to annoy some snobby...
  2. Joe S

    Air brakes

    has anyone ever retro fitted air brakes to a older tractor? tractors in question would most likely be a 6000 series deere and a 50 series If so how did you go about doing it? Please don't bother being the person to say just go buy one with air brakes not really a option.
  3. Joe S

    John Deere 6506

    My new toy/ project arrived last night. She is driving like a dream everything seems smooth and tight credit too it’s former owner @Coquet Nook Mans Land First job is to sort the only problem I’ve found and that’s the breaks, fingers crossed it just needs bled. Plans for it are All the...
  4. Joe S

    John Deere 3400X

    John Deere 3400X 1995 85hp 4 cylinder turbo Starts and runs well doesn’t breath Clutched left hand shuttle 40k Michelin 16.9/34 50% tread Goodyear 13.6/24 40% tread Only 5530 hours Everything works as it should Good overall condition for its age 2 owners from new £8950 NO VAT
  5. Joe S

    Tractor from North Yorkshire to Aberdeen

    John deere 6506 from Whitby to Aberdeen harbour
  6. Joe S

    loader brackets

    Would a quicke loader go on trima brackets? Brackets for a a 5.0p or a 4.0p etc, would a q48 or q55 etc fit? There the same are they not?
  7. Joe S


    38/13.6 or narrower 24/11.6 or 11.2
  8. Joe S

    NI/cairnyan to Aberdeen

    Just looking for a ruff idea of the cost of moving a tractor from NI/cairnyan to Aberdeen
  9. Joe S

    John Deere 6400,6310,6410

    Anything considered Like a project!
  10. Joe S

    JD 4cyl 6000 series, 6300, 6400 etc

    Are they what there cracked up to be? Main things to watch for? Anybody got one for sale? And yes I've Findlay convinced dad that a 4cyl would do[emoji1360]
  11. Joe S

    Maxxum vs MF 3120 vs NH 40 series

    Maxxum is favourite just now! followed my a 3120 with a 40 series coming last what one would you get and why? bet your getting fed up with me!:LOL:
  12. Joe S

    Case 1056xl vs MF 3120

    which would you buy and why?
  13. Joe S

    which would you buy?

    Which would you buy as a project and why? The tractor will be used for match ploughing one way 3f and possible reversible 4f,transporting other toys and a hand full of days of work!
  14. Joe S

    John Deere 3050?

    were going to go look at a 3050 is there anything special to watch out for? good places to look for parts? are solid ish cabs bad to find?
  15. Joe S

    Sticks or Servos?

    Sticks or Servos on a 180? if sevros x or + pattern? and if servos 180 or 360 pattern? it would be nice to hear why you prefer one over the other too(y)
  16. Joe S

    Dress boots

    Im after a pair of dress boots.My redbacks arent ideal for the job,but im a bit fussy about my boots sence i have a pair of redbacks and Skellerup Quatros!So what would you get? sorry if this is in the wrong place!
  17. Joe S

    easyram might be of interest to some of you i've listened to bossman singing the praises of the new zealand texal rams all day when we where working with some sheep
  18. Joe S

    new john deere 5r

    just saw this on profi international facebook page! John Deere's new 5R - think we have a new favourite loader tractor. Up to 125hp, front+cab suspension and armrest controls. Plus it looks tidy
  19. Joe S

    beretta 686 evo

    what are peoples thoughs on the 686 evo sporting or a similar gun?it has a adjustable comb its a second hand gun. £1200ish about right? what other guns should i be looking at at this money mostly for clays? MUST have adjustable comb MUST be sporting model? many thanks joe (i dont know if this...
  20. Joe S

    kubota kx101

    we think its a 1994-1997 model its a very ruff but savable. anything we should look out for? anybody used one if so what are they like?