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  1. rjs15t

    Exmoor Farm Services.

    Does anybody use this service? Any feedback?
  2. rjs15t

    Isuzu Dmax Fuel Filter Light

    Fuel filter light coming on when accelerating hard. Garage recommended ragging it in 4th gear. I did question how this will unblock a blocked filter? Current filter only 6k miles old, generally fuelled up at Esso never from cans. Anyone else been told similar?
  3. rjs15t

    September Grass Seed offer.

    Gold Label 4-6 year Cut and Graze Ley. High yielding, palatable grass for quality silage and grazing. 3.00kg Premium Intermediate PRG 3.00kg Orion Tet Intermediate PRG 1.00kg Bree Intermediate PRG 1.50kg Twystar Late PRG 1.50kg Foxtrot Late PRG 1.00kg Cancan Late PRG 1.00kg Ideal Tet Late...
  4. rjs15t

    Cornwall Farmers sold ?

    Is it correct that Countrywide Farmers have bought Cornwall Farmers?
  5. rjs15t

    80mm ball coupling for Claas Arion 650

    As above, please quote to supply a 80mm ball coupling to fit Claas Arion 650. Also include lead time please. Thanks
  6. rjs15t

    Tesco - Looking fragile?

    Tesco downgraded to 'junk' despite turnaround plan Moody's downgrades Tesco debt despite shares soaring on plans to close stores, shut head office, and cancel new store openings Tesco has been downgraded to "junk" status by credit rating ageny Moody's, despite the company unveiling a radical...
  7. rjs15t

    Anybody sell these?

    Enquiring on behalf of a friend, does anyone know where these are made or sold? Cheers
  8. rjs15t

    Class GPS pilot s7

    Has anyone any experience with this product?
  9. rjs15t

    Slurry tanking

    What are people paying or charged per hour?
  10. rjs15t

    Anyone recognise this?

    Does anyone know what this is?
  11. rjs15t

    How many horses reach the pto?

    About to send a new tractor for a dyno test and wondered how much hp should make it to the pto? 185hp tractor (in brochure)!!
  12. rjs15t

    Imants rotary spader - anybody used one?

    As above
  13. rjs15t

    Does anybody do demo's?

    Am keen to enter the world of Assisted steering but have no experience, do any of the dealers let you try before you buy? With 1000 acres of maize to drill annually and 1500 acres of grass/forage crops it needs to be the correct package.
  14. rjs15t

    Slug pelleter for 8 metre drill.

    Can anyone recommend a slug pelleter to fit onto a 8 metre drill? Also which pellets do people get best results with?