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  1. bert

    Fodder beet for sale

    £30 a ton ex yard. Good big clean beet. Large quantities available. Located North Yorkshire. Post code YO60 Pm for more details.
  2. bert

    Deterring Pigeons

    Got a high lean-to building off the side of a grain shed which pigeons love to perch, nest, and roost in. Had alot shot over the winter but it just keeps filling up again, looking at ways to stop them, filling in the building is not an option, anyone tried one of these?
  3. bert

    calf with a broken leg

    3 week old calf, broken just below the knee on a front leg, had the vet out who splinted it, has been unsuccessful and the bone has split the skin. Is it repairable or not? Thought about a bit of guttering or something with some vet tape. Calf is thriving, and doesn't seem to be fazed by it...
  4. bert

    Nissan HQ buy back offer on snapped chassis Navara's

    We have a D40 Navara which snapped in half which we have mended ourselves. We went to the local dealer when we found out that Nissan may do some kind of compensation deal. Went to our local dealer who put us in touch with someone direct from Nissan, after a couple of phone calls he said you can...
  5. bert

    What has happened to this calf?

    Stood on his own this morning in the corner of the shed, hadn't noticed anything wrong with him before. Both front shoulders stuck out at a funny angle, the picture doesn't show just how far they are stuck out. Any ideas what it is or what I can do for him? Surely if both shoulders had...
  6. bert

    Where to buy this sheep feeder

    Can't find anyone who sells them, could do with a couple really. Any idea where I would find one? TIA
  7. bert

    Loadall strap box

    Has anybody made a strap box for a rigid forklift? Was thinking behind the cab on the chassis rail on the JCB 541-70, just to carry a couple of slings and a strap or two. There is only really under seat to put them and that needs to be full of tools really.
  8. bert

    New drill woes

    Asking for a mate of mine, he got a brand new sulky 4m combination drill last year, the hectare meter isnt tying up with how many hectares are actually been drilled. The dealer came out and did a 100 meter test to give it a calibration factor and type it in to the computer, so presuming the...
  9. bert

    Would you give this any more N?

    Sandy loam soil It's jb Diego after winter beans, and had 20ton/ha of cow muck applied. It's had 168kg/ha of nitrogen in two splits, flag leaf is just fully emerged. What do you think?
  10. bert

    BIG calf birthweights

    Biggest we have had, born yesterday morning with the help of the jack, he was very tight but the cow cleansed and got up straight away, calf took 24 hours to stand on his own. Weighed the calf this afternoon and he is 67kg, would he have been more at birth? Obviously this is not a good thing...
  11. bert

    hectolitre measurement equipment

    Wanting to buy one and wondered what is out there that's cheap and simple that I can chuck on the table next to the drier. So what is everybody using or recommend? TIA
  12. bert

    MF 6495 Gearbox problem

    When put into third gear cultivating after a few seconds it claims it is in neutral then a few seconds later comes up with the error code T134, dynashift still works but it wont move ranges, when i come to the end of the field and try to reverse it then wont move at all. Stopping and starting...
  13. bert

    New Hollad CX/CR drawbar

    Would anyone be kind enough to post a picture of their drawbar? Wanting to make one for our cx. Leaving it a bit late!
  14. bert

    Badly cow

    We have a cow with a calf that I noticed has a discoloured udder (red, almost purple). So got it in the crush and on closer inspection its skin is red an irritated almost scabbed near the top of her tail, and losing her hair in places, she is swishing her tail over her back showing its bothering...
  15. bert

    Which Pedestal system?

    Looking to put some pedestals in a new grain store. Having no experience of them before I wanted to know what your opinions on them were? I did look at a couple of systems at LAMMA including Martin Lishman who claimed they could dry wheat by a couple of % in a good hot week. The shed is 120ft by...
  16. bert

    Power harrowing a stone track

    We have a long farm lane that needs mending come spring, there's plenty stone there but needs loosening up and putting into a camber. I thought about buying an old robust power harrow and loosening it with that, any thoughts on this? or what would be the numbest cheapest power harrow that would...
  17. bert

    Ageing stock Bulls

    Obviously every bull is different but at what age do most of you consider a bull to be getting past it?
  18. bert

    MF calibration

    Can somebody please tell me the procedure to re calibrate the gearbox on an 2007 5470 please?
  19. bert

    Which Impact Wrench?

    More powerful the better, wanting a variable speed control one, mostly for bigger jobs. budget around £350
  20. bert

    Recycling netwrap?

    Got a company that takes the waste oil, silage wrap and sprayer drums to recycle, but why not netwrap? It must be able to be made into something! :confused: