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  1. farmideas

    Expert Pack: reminded me how much work I have put into PFI!

    Yesterday I put together an Expert Pack that contains every issue for Scottish farmer 114 issues; 5358 pages; 6000 approx workshop projects; 10,030 pictures Zero pages of advertising. Zero pages of sponsored content. Published quarterly since 1992. Always looking for...
  2. farmideas

    August 2020 issue out this week

    Here's a useful 40 acres of beet and the home built machine for chopping it. Processing would be a better word. Hopper holds 750 kg and it gets through the lot in little over a minute. It chops quite fine and 'processes' potatoes as well which should prevent any choking. Mixes quickly in feeder...
  3. farmideas

    Stand Practical Farm Ideas

    Hello - there's a warm welcome to you all at the Farm Innovations webinar at Cereals 2020 which I am chairing. Innovation is central to progress. If we don’t change our methods we’ll get the same results. As farmers we are bombarded with new ideas and products, and it’s difficult to decide...
  4. farmideas

    The best at LAMMA - and what was missing

    The environmental impact of farming is not just big news, it gets turned into regulations. Ammonia from livestock sheds is something we've been reading more about and is another reason for keeping no more than a dozen cattle in a shed together. When I came across the Danish company JH Agro's...
  5. farmideas

    AHDB Strategy Consultation

    Came across this page inviting comments on the 2017 - 2020 AHDB strategy and decided to respond. My piece is titled 'Free at the Point of Delivery' and relates the the Board to the NHS. Both are funded through compulsory contributions and provide their services at no direct cost to the...
  6. farmideas

    Cereals 14 and TFF

    The TFF Stand 640 was a huge success and congrats to all involved. What a way to bring farmers together, not to mention the eats and drinks! Top job all round and one which I know was appreciated by many. Made my two days at cereals the best ever. Thanks and thanks again to all.