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  1. mikep

    A question about JD 750 discs

    Hi. Are the JD 750 discs hardened all the way through and what diameter are they usually when replaced? The reason I ask is my drill discs are unavailable so I need to find a disc about 17" which I can then modify either the disc or hub to fit? Tia
  2. mikep

    Weeder harrows

    Hello. I have just bought a S/H set of opico grass harrows aka weeder harrows. They are fitted with 8mm tines whereas the weeder usually comes with 6 or 7mm. We are on very heavy land so the question is will the 8mm knacker winter wheat? Tia.
  3. mikep

    Claas/Renault Ares 656rz

    Hello. I have a Claas 656 in which today the engine just stopped dead and won't restart. Does anyone know if sensor failure can cause this or does it just go into limp mode? It's probably the ecu or pump but I just wonder how you can find which one as guessing can get very expensive. It did this...
  4. mikep

    Teleporter 247 Ford engine and splitting advice.

    Hi. My trusty old eBay teleporter needs some TLC and I'll give the engine the once over at the time. So Ford folks can you tell me if the block can be rebored or is it bore and reline only. I'm confused as you can buy oversize liners and oversize pistons. The engine is a later type with the...
  5. mikep

    MF 1200

    Don't know if this has been on before as it's been there for donkeys years
  6. mikep

    Class 656/7

    Hi What's the general opinion of these machines as a simple workhorse. Are they generally reliable, niggly or awful. Also are the Deere engines the old school pre electronic injectors or more techy? Just looking for something simple that doesn't need a computer to mend as I don't really do more...
  7. mikep

    Renault Ares brakes

    Hi all. I'm looking for a medium machine for my small unit and I've seem a nicish Ares 630 rz for sale but NO brakes. It's the qiadrishift box and all working. Now I know SFA about these so is a case of avoid or not. I hear a lot about brakes breaking up and shitting up boxes so anyone any...
  8. mikep

    JD750 disc

    Hi Can anyone tell me the centre hole size and stud pcd of the 750 disc? Thanks
  9. mikep

    AB15 timeline

    Hi Another question that is vague as anything regarding CSS. Option AB15 two year legume fallow. Now we will not have heard if we are accepted for the scheme before autumn planting so we cannot sow the crop this autumn. So we establish the crop sept 20 and run for two years then repeat in...
  10. mikep

    B414 still a PITA

    Hi The blasted B414 still wont start its the injector pump and even though the sticky pistons have been freed off and completely resealed the injectors only puts out a stream of fuel not a mist. If you try to screw the needles down you get nothing so... Can anyone tell me what head and rotor...
  11. mikep

    Hedges and CSS buffer strips.

    Hi This has probably been covered before but can anyone tell me if you can count hedges as greening in an arable field if they have SW1 6m buffer strips between them and the field i.e. they are more than 5m from arable land? TIA mikep
  12. mikep

    injection issues

    Hi Got a problem recommissioning my old B414. It's been a nightmare as everything you come to is knackered or needs overhaul. However now the mechanical side is fine I now have a fueling problem. It's not fueling because although if you take an injector pipe off it spurts fuel on cranking there...
  13. mikep

    B414 torque settings.

    Hi Can anyone tell me the torque settings for a B414d crank pins and head bolts? Tia.
  14. mikep

    New radiator

    Hi. Don't know it this has been done before but I need a new radiator for my old B414. It was parked in the field for a short while (10yrs) and the sheep have eaten the rad God knows why but that's beside the point. I need a new rad lots of people sell them so are the new rads any good or is it...
  15. mikep

    Going rate

    Hi What's a fair rate for a lorry recovery. A fully loaded artic hit the soft verge on the single track road to the farm (nothing to do with us but turf for a place down the road). There was a pit dug by the electric people on the other side which he was trying to avoid and so no room even for a...
  16. mikep

    Ford power steering

    Hi My old Sanderson has an annoying steering problem and I wonder if anyone can give me some advice It generally steers fine but occasionally it just refuses to steer any more than a bit, getting any lock on is difficult to say the least. Hardly noticeable when traveling but when actually...
  17. mikep

    Hymac 580C

    Evening all. The trusty rusty Hymac bought for £1250 twenty years ago is showing its age after a massive soil and hardcore move for a new house. The front track idler bushes are shot, it's the normal type not the cast shoes and I have the parts manual so know what's what and where. Just...
  18. mikep

    Ingersoll Tillage

    Hi I'm trying to get some disc openers and have found them on the Ingersoll website. I contacted them but they are bloody useless as they suggested I contact Sparex who they don't deal with. Anyone any ideas who may be able to help? Thanks
  19. mikep

    Plantain paradise.

    Weired one this. This field had been in arable forever and notill for five years until last autumn when I gave it a spring tine to try to get it planted in the wet.That failed so it was combination drilled this spring with barley. Two other fields next to it with the same history bar the spring...
  20. mikep

    CAV problems.

    Hi My JD combine has a CAV rotary pump which was rebuilt last year after it sheared it's head. Ran perfectly well all last season and the start of this, still perfect when running but starting had become a nightmare. It takes a starter motor frying length of time to start. Checked. No visible...