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    JD 6900 Diesel getting into the engine oil

    Our old faithful 6900 (14000 hours) is gaining oil level in the engine, doesn't look like cooling fluid because the oil has no discoloration, just much thinner than it should be so assuming it has to be diesel getting in. Am I right in thinking the only point of entry could be fuel injection pump?
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    Silage wrap/Net wrap

    Anyone having issues getting it? Been told by local Spalding's today that they have no stock and don't expect any in till mid summer 🤔 Any recommendations for East Midlands area?
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    JD 7530 lift arms dropped to ground

    Anyone experienced it before? Had just put plough on, lifted it all way up to check turn over etc, went to drive off and it dropped to floor. Not even slowly like arms lowering to a preset position just bang to ground. Wouldn't lift via the screen so turned tractor off and started again, and...
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    15x24 wheel rim

    Hi, looking for a front wheel rim to suit case 51 series, existing ones are 15Lx24 which I believe are wider than the standard fitted for 51 series.. needs to accept a 420/85 tyre. Thanks
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    SAM SP sprayer project

    Hi all, so we've recently been given a SAM SP that had been sat in the brambles for a while so to say.. doesn't have the original sprayer still attached though, but we happened to drop on a 24m cleanacres sprayer that has a hydraulic driven pump... So now to the questions, only have very...
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    JD 6900 Air conditioning hose/pipe

    Hello, hope this is right place to ask.. Need a replacement hose for the air conditioning on my 6900, it blew out few weeks ago and stripped it down to find out where.. it's the really long (would be haha) rubber hose with a steel pipe crimped on either end that goes from the exchanger in cab...
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    JD 7530 Engine sound/tone

    Hi all, We've recently bought a 7530 premium on 6k hours, when I test drove it at Sharmans I commented how rough/rattling the engine was on start up and idling and was told that's just how they are, rep said to let it idle for 5 mins before/after use. Anyway, today been carting 10t muck...
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    LED lights for tractors

    Hi all, Finally got round to doing some repairs on blown bulbs etc on our tractors today, found one of the rear lights has broke beyond repair and started wondering whether you can get LED units to replace? Been looking on Google and can see alot of (what look to be cheap quality) generic...
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    Tractor Loader identification

    Hello, looking for some help I.Ding a loader that has been used on our Ford 4610 in past. As size/weight of everything has moved on its been sat unused for a few years so looking to sell, but don't know value as came with tractor. Believe it may be a Mill master? Thanks