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  1. ricky_rascal

    New hilux 2.8 auto

    Evidently chap too was quoted 12 months originally. Told by an Isuzu salesman so best taken with a large pinch of salt. I did see photos of the S Africa factory flooded.
  2. ricky_rascal

    New hilux 2.8 auto

    I did hear from a fella who has a friend with a new HiLux on order that due to the flood at the South Africa factory that he is now looking at more like 18months for new truck. Said fella works at Isuzu dealer and he said that they’re getting down to about 6months for a new d-max, depending on spec.
  3. ricky_rascal

    Treating the underside of a pickup.

    Thanks for the heads up. I did my pickup last year with some aerosols from Buzzweld called Guard consisting of Lanogaurd. Doing down the sills behind the side steps on the Isuzu there was a little overspray on the top edge of said step. It was applied last summer and notice the bit of overspray...
  4. ricky_rascal

    What pickup?

    Probably older auto box’s. Not so much of late but at UPull It at Full Sutton had a compound exclusively full of navaras with the corrosion problem. You would hope later Navaras wouldn’t suffer from the same prob.
  5. ricky_rascal

    What pickup?

    I think you have same power to wheels regardless of auto or manual. I’ve not had issue taking up power at the wheels. Certainly never had problems setting off with fully loaded cattle trailer. With my last manual we loaded trailer up down bottom of field. Mrs drove it back up to yard. Exit gate...
  6. ricky_rascal

    What pickup?

    Cant speak for the Ford but as far as the Isuzu goes then no reason at not to go auto. There is no clutch to burn out slipping it (mrs rascal :rolleyes: ) and no dual mass flywheel to fly to bits. Does use more diesel compared to manual.
  7. ricky_rascal

    What pickup?

    My dad has a 2.0l diesel ford kuga 4wd. Good car really. Far more comfortable (much better seat support) and a better drive than my Isuzu d-max. But think it can only legally tow 2100kg which restricts what can go in cattle trailer. On the plus side wet dogs, oil, tools and dead things can go in...
  8. ricky_rascal

    New hilux 2.8 auto

    I’ve heard the 2.8 Toyota regens around every 100 miles so probably normal. My d-max does the same. Always around 100 miles running around local and towing. Long run up a motorway sees more miles between. Pickup job is getting expensive but then what isn’t? Of course if you were to order...
  9. ricky_rascal

    Which New Pick-Up Is The Best Vehicle To Get?

    I doubt there is a right lot between them. The Ford like the new Isuzu has a smallish engine should that be of concern to you. Some say these small engines won’t last the course towing but think they probably will. I currently run a 2.5 D-Max and has never needed to go to the dealers for...
  10. ricky_rascal

    Which New Pick-Up Is The Best Vehicle To Get?

    Isn’t that the truth! I know most pickup buyers get vat back but when you look at the vat inclusive price I can’t help but think it might buy you a lot of car. I was talking to our local tame mechanic where they always have a selection of second hand pickups. He told me of one guy bought a...
  11. ricky_rascal

    Electric fencer repairs Coventry/ South Midlands

    Might be best bet. Local agri supply firm (BATA) does repairs or have someone they use. Took one in recently and cost of repair was too close to buying a new. They did a useful discount on new one which came with 2 years warranty. Think they are in more danger of being pinched than having a fault 🤬
  12. ricky_rascal

    New hilux-any problems?

    You might! I would include any of current crop of pickups though. A fella had a trailer on his 17 plate Hilux invincible and fused the lights. He was miles from home and it was going dark. Couldn’t find the fuses so as was in the AA (I think it was AA he said) and Toyota garage down the road...
  13. ricky_rascal

    Recommendations for wireless magnetic trailer lights.

    Connix wireless trailer lights are the ones I use. Handy for attaching to anything requiring lights. Magnetic though I attach a zip tie or baler band in case the light becomes detached- not that they’re have. Keep them charged and they are ready to go...
  14. ricky_rascal

    Returning a pickup

    You have a boat as well?
  15. ricky_rascal

    Returning a pickup

    Which brand of vehicle do you buy for such good service - well you we‘re all dieing to know :D
  16. ricky_rascal

    Returning a pickup

    How rude 🤣 My guess would be Ford though the dpf could make it Isuzu or new Toyota. Some with fords been having electrical probs with fords. New Isuzu is nearly 6 months wait. Dealer has me in queue though stipulated the deposit is refundable as may not take it when it arrives. My current 2.5...
  17. ricky_rascal

    Bt overhead Cable

    While back a lorry backing into yard just clipped the BT pole and snapped the cable. Openreach came out and repaired it and chatting to engineer told me they have to be above a certain height after one of their engineers was up a pole next to a road. Lorry came along and snagged the cable which...
  18. ricky_rascal

    Ford Ranger Adblue level sensor

    I’m don’t hang out on Facebook much but am sub’d to a Ranger group and a few other pickup groups (pickup group sounds dodgy😳). This addblue level sensor issue seems quite common but ford will no doubt try to give you the impression you are the only one.
  19. ricky_rascal

    Fuel and adblue storage tank recommendation

    If you store addblue in an IBC then I’m told it is best stored inside out of sunlight as it easily degrades. Only what I was told by a Merlo mechanic!
  20. ricky_rascal

    dealer bill for fitting new fuel line on JD 130r

    Your main dealers are getting very expensive, not that they were ever cheap! Always an indie kicking about who is far cheaper generally and often more clued up than some that come in a van from the dealers. Last time I was daft enough to phone a local dealer was problems bleeding a tractor...