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    Radio 4 PM Programme, 2022 year of discussing meat

    Apologies if other threads are discussing this. But did anyone else hear the forthcoming yearlong discussion on meat? It's beyond my skillset to get involved but it needs strong input to push back on any Red Herrings Tease at 1minute and then the full discussion at 51 minute 30 seconds...
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    Can I put tractor engine oil in my pickup?

    I have some Ambra Unitek 10W-40 here that goes in the NH T5, can it go in my DMax? The API CJ4 and ACEA E9 match Cheers
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    Irrigating 1ha of new seeds lawn

    Any suggestion on who to approach to hire an engine driven pump to power a travelling sprinkler? Minimum pressure of 3 bar 4,000L and hour And arroximately 100m head drawing from a small lake
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    Insa Turbo

    How are people getting on with Insa Turbo tyres? Do they wear well and will the Dakar shake the fillings from my teeth on the motorway? Cheers
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    Pickup trucks & Catch Cans

    My DMax with 60k miles on the clock is showing signs of oil around the inlet pipe and intercooler. I dread to think what it looks like on the inside. So this got me looking at blanking the EGR vavle etc,. However I'm reluctant to do this as it's bound to throw error codes and need somebody...
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    Mixing transmission fluid and JDF

    Our tractor is low on oil in the back end after a burst pipe. It is a Landini with all mechanical shuttle and gears. It has had Morris JDF in it of late, but all I have to top it up is Ambra Transmission Fluid (used in a NH T5). Will the 2 be OK mixed together? Thanks,
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    Trailer wheel bolts/studs

    Any recommendations for wheel bolt suppliers? M22 Thread Roughly 100mm overall in length Moritor ROR axle Thanks in advance
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    How far would you go for your old Landy?

    To Tora Bora and back?
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    Farm Simulator is number 2 in the gaming charts

    So are you all gonna leave ground fallow and simulate farming for the next year?
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    How old is this Hazel?

    There is a lot of coppiced Hazel at work. Around 18 inch to 2 ft at the base and 30 ft or more tall How old might they be? Or are they even coppiced and just mature?
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    Land Rover Stolen. Bucks/Oxon borders

    My fathers Land Rover was stolen from outside his house Nr High Wycombe about 8pm on Friday night (28th Nov). Contents of the cab was found strewn on a secluded bridleway about 5 miles away in Longwick the next morning. Only local people would know of this Bridleway along an old disused...
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    Fly control in cattle

    What products do people rate for fly control? Spot on, fly pour, swish? What about fly tags, are they worth the hassle? Just had the vet out to a beast with an abscess on its eye. :(
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    Purchasing land and finance companies

    Some land has come up for sale near home and my brother is looking into purchasing it. I've tried a few searches on here but not had much luck. Can you guys recommend any finance companies for purchasing Agri land? Its on the market for £175k and he has about a 25% deposit, will they laugh...
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    What's the rope for on my head yoke?

    Is the rope to prevent the beast from dropping its head down? A poor mans head scoop if you like. The black plastic block has tapered grooves that pinch the rope tighter and tighter as pressure is increased.
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    What breed to put on cattle passport?

    I've got 2 passports here for 2 steers born on the same day and have the same sire eartag. One passport says Aberdeen Angus X but the beast looks Jersey. The other passport says Belted Galloway X. The beast looks Galloway without the belt. How can they have the same sire but different breeds...
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    Contract combing available, travel anywhere!

    Handler available too. :cool:
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    Too late to harrow this hay field?

    We have been asked to make hay off 50 acres of old pasture. It has a lot of thatch, moss and dead grass in the bottom and the grass is now 6-8 inches high. The field was top dressed last week. Would it be a good idea to grass harrow the lot to let the air and light in to encourage the sward...
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    Welding mild and tempered steel, shovel blades

    I'm looking to repair and modify various broken spades and shovels we have kicking about. Can it be achieved with an arc welder and dissimilar rods? I will be welding thin walled tube for making longer handled trenching spades, shovels and my own Shove Holers from drainage spades. What are...
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    NH T5.105

    I'm completely out of the loop with tractors but we've had a speculative quote/promotion through the post for the above tractor and it seems quite reasonable. Anyone got one? Been reliable? I did a quick search but didn't bring up any threads or posts, has there been any? Thanks
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    Truck seat covers

    I'm after some seat covers for my L200. Any brands in particular I need to be aware of?