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    County 1164

    Can anyone enlighten me as to the potential value and parts availability for these? I've seen the immaculate ones making silly money lately but been offered one which is mechanically ok but with a rotten cab beyond saving but has mudguards to convert to open station and cosmetically scabby...
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    Jcb js130 question

    2012 was the first with JCB engines and a facelift- different windscreen and new decals, 2013 they then introduced a newer jcb engine (T4?) with the new dashboard/computer, some of these engines had problems which I'm told were dropping a valve but most would of been rectified by now.
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    Trimble rangepoint RTX accuracy

    3m drill and 21m trams, the drill width is set for 2.95m on gps so over 7 passes that does amount to a 35cm variance compared to a straight 21m for fert/spray. As Steevo says it's no hardship to steer down the tramlines i was just curious if the variance was what other people experienced.
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    Massey 8240

    Just fancy one! It's only to be an extra tractor to mostly leave on one machine as fed up of hooking on and off. Will only do about 1.5hrs a day so simplicity/reliability and hopefully limited depreciation. Might well end up with an early 6499 but guessing they will be common rail engines with...
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    Trimble rangepoint RTX accuracy

    Having tried sowing on rangepoint rtx this year it eventually seemed to be matching up with markers etc and looking ok (after several fields of glitches and problems which a software update seems to have solved) anyway top dressing now and setting up ab line on 1st pre em mark and then letting...
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    Massey 8240

    Thanks, unfortunately I could get a 6499 with about half the hrs that has for similar money to what they want.
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    Massey 8240

    Looking for a Massey 8240 with dynashift and front suspension in good condition.
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    Muck grab

    Looking for a 7’6” muck grab with kv tines, preferably with manitou or euro brackets, new or used.
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    Spend some money for me !

    Don’t see them on their website, are they advertised anywhere? Trying to decide if ex hire is good value or not 🤔
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    Jcb 535, 530 hydraulic pump

    Hence the original post asking if anyone had specific knowledge of the machines in question and their differences.
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    Jcb 535, 530 hydraulic pump

    Thanks, yeah the subtle differences are what i was hoping to ascertain. Engines i believe are 100hp vs 120, was hoping that would be ok as second pump would only kick in at higher revs but is a consideration, good shout on the valve block's- i know they are both flow sharing but i will need to...
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    Jcb 535, 530 hydraulic pump

    I've got a 2004 535-60 farm special and the hydraulics are very slow compared to the 2005 530-70 super, the 535 doesn't seem to have the second pump to kick in at higher revs either like the 530-70. Does anyone know if it's relatively straightforward to fit a pump the same as the 530-70 super...
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    Question for the larger sized drivers !!!!

    Hydraulic top link is your friend, i reverse in and hook up the lower links then turn round on the seat and reach out the back window to drop the top link into place, then just lift up and drive forward extend top link right out and lower spreader to the ground leaving plenty space to get in and...
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    Compact Valtra 50K

    Is it worth restricting your options so much by specifying 50k on that size of tractor? Going to be a bit short on power to fully utilise 50k i'd of thought.
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    Loader subframe for MF7718

    Loader subframe/brackets for Massey 7718 wanted, either MX or Quicke.
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    MX T412+ loader

    Got a normal T412 not the + and it's a capable loader, will lift 4x600kgs fert bags, good visibility with the hydraulic self levelling. Paint finish on the subframe isn't great with it flaking off fairly quickly in places and the pivot points seem to use up the grease very quickly. Only got a...
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    Tree shear for 7.5t digger - is it worth it?

    The weight of the shear is something to be aware of, tmk, omef etc tend to be a bit lighter than most of the claw designs so effectively you’ve got more capacity to handle bigger trees with the lighter shear if you’re working to your machines capacity. Depends what you intend to cut with it and...
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    R Tech mig welders

    Bought a 250a six years ago, it didn't work properly when it arrived (maybe just unlucky) they sent a replacement asap which was a very capable machine and did a fair bit of work, it blew a capacitor i think at 2.5 years old. It was bought with a 2 year warranty but they had since started...
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    New Massey Ferguson 5S

    Curious how you determine what’s a “fact”? Very bold statements to be making.
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    Dump trailer

    Wanted 14/16 ton, drop down magic back door, 10 stud axles.