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    New Holland 5635 transmission oil overheating issues.

    As the title suggests. Yesterday I spent about 4 hours on the tedder with no issues that I noticed. The. It was on the haybob for 2 hours with the wife driving rowing up in front of the baler. She hasn’t been on that or any other tractor for years so I wouldn’t have expected her to notice...
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    Escaped sheep killed by car on road

    Asking for a friend, NOT! I stopped the tractor on the road waiting to turn right. I jumped off to open the gate, by the time I was back in the tractor there were cars coming so I couldn’t turn. The sheep started heading for the gate. I jumped off again to chase her back in but couldn’t cross...
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    Stiff links in digger track chains

    As above I have some stiff links in my track chains. Rust/corrosion and lack of use I’d think. Any ideas on getting them freed up? They pull round the sprocket and idler because they hve no choice but don’t straighten when going over the top.
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    Gin key removal wedge

    I’m currently replacing a bearing on a Class baler roller. I need to remove the sprocket on the end of the shaft and looking to buy a Gib key tapered drift. I borrowed one from a local mechanic a few years ago but have never seen one for sale. Anybody know where i could buy one? TIA. J
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    pioneer silage inoculant 11a44

    Hi, I am looking for the dilution and dosing rate for the above. (Photo of label will do) Product not coming till to tomorrow and I was wanting to get the rates set on the applicator. Thanks in advance.
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    B-275 draft control

    I have two B-275 international tractors which have different draft controls. The above two photos are of one tractor with a system same as that on a B-250. The other two pictures below are of the other one with a system similar to that which is on a 414. (One bit missing for the top link...
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    L200 towing weight

    I spied this in a magazine today, the towing weight is specified (in the small print at the bottom of the page, apologies for the poor pic) dependent on the number of axles on the trailer, 3.5te for a tri axle braked trailer, and 3.1 for a single or double axle braked trailer. I have never seen...
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    Way leaves - Barlow and Sons

    Hi, I have received a letter from a company called Barlow and Sons saying they can negotiate a settlement on my behalf to secure a wayleave payment from the electricity company for each electricity pole on our land. They say there is no fee payable by us to them, and they are independent of the...
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    JXU105 lights not working.

    Went to turn on my lights on the JXU a couple of nights ago and didn't have any working, except the ones on the dash and the interior curtesy light. Checked the fuses for the lights first, all ok, and was ready to start chasing an electrical fault, when I thought I'd check all the fuses, just...
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    A few workshop jobs.

    Made some step covers for the tractors from Ali tread plate so the pooch doesn't break a leg when jumping into and out of the tractor. When she was young she would clear all the steps but now she up is getting older she is starting to use them. Only problem is I have to be careful now incase I...
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    JXU105 clutch.

    i have a 9 year old JXU with 2250hrs on the clock. This summer the clutch started to get a bit jerky and the pedal seemed to be coming up farther than normal before biting. It got to the stage it would take 3 or 4 seconds to engage after changing up a gear, stalling the tractor sometimes if...
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    JXU 105 steering

    Hi, new to this forum, but am after some info on a tractor I bought last year. It's a 57 plate Case JXU 105, 4wd with a loader fitted. Reasonably happy with the tractor except for a couple of things, for which I am struggling to get any joy from the dealer. Firstly the steering seems to me, to...