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  1. demmo

    please help

    Trying to find a compleat door for a JCB 535 95 loadall 2014 plate 2nd hand if poss,thx for help
  2. demmo

    help help help

    Any one know what this fault code is and what i can do to fix it please
  3. demmo

    IS This ??

    Its this tire still tubeless or has a innertube been put in need to bootlace it if true tubles thx
  4. demmo


    Any one know where i can get a front bucket second hand for a JCB loadall 520-40
  5. demmo

    site agents a c**t

    Messed me about with my hours.makes me clean the bogs all the me short.keeps getting the labour to get on my case to help him with silly little jobs when i have trades to load out.found out today his getting labour trained up on load all next week so it be my last day on this site...
  6. demmo

    JCB 540-170

    JCB 540-170 2014 manufacture. Locked in 4 wheel steer. No 2 wheel or crab steer. Fuse and relay fine.can anyone help please
  7. demmo

    telehandler need help

    *JCB 540-170 2014 year of manufactor fault code keeps coming up.well 127 times now :-( B154A-68 can any one please tell me what the fault is please.thanks for your help
  8. demmo

    JCB 530-70

    hi i have only just joined this site and feel a little cheeky asking for help all ready,this problem may be so easy for you lot,i am a loadall driver and when i turn my ignition off in my machine it will keep running untill i stamp on the accelerator a few times,please could anyone advise