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  1. Daniel king

    BPS Early Payment - 1st July 2022

    Does anybody know how they worked the payment out , is it 50% of the normal claim with the deductions obviously
  2. Daniel king

    John Deere S690i Rape settings

    Hi just wondered if any body had any pointers on setting for Rape , can’t get a good sample to much half pod and pod ends in the sample , I’m currently set up like this Straw accelerator in low speed Wind at 700 Rotor 700 Concave 30 Chafer 14 Sieve 5 Have I got the rotor going too fast as...
  3. Daniel king

    John Deere s690 combine settings

    Great thanks , I only moved my bottom and top sieve by 2 and it cured it , going well now
  4. Daniel king

    John Deere s690 combine settings

    In wheat now sprayed off 10 days ago , can’t seem too get any out put as soon as I pushed it on it overloads the tailings / returns , didn’t have this problem last year here are the settings I’m using Cylinder 900 Fan 1050 Concave 28 Chaffer/ top sieve 18Mm Bottom sieve 8mm Any help would be...
  5. Daniel king

    John Deere S690i settings in osr

    Just wondered what settings people are using in OSR just started tonight and the first time in Rape , I’ve defo overloaded the returns
  6. Daniel king

    Autocast rape

    Not sure if Tony does or not
  7. Daniel king

    Autocast rape

    Has anybody had success with getting the OSR ahead of the flea beetle with the autocast method just an idea !!!
  8. Daniel king

    JCB grain bucket size

    I’ve a 3 on mine perfect 2.3 ton of wheat and 2.5 ton of beans works well
  9. Daniel king

    John Deere S690i wheat settings

    Anybody got any settings for a S690i in wheat please , and what sort of output can I expect in a good first wheat .
  10. Daniel king

    John Deere 9780i overshot beater

    Can anybody please tell me the oil capacity of the overshot beater gear box on a 9780 cts combine , had a seal go and want to replace the oil but can’t find the capacity in the book or on the web !!!! Thanks
  11. Daniel king

    Spring pool results

    I know some body that’s got £170.80p south lincs
  12. Daniel king

    Osr row width

    Hi Will hope your well I’ve got a 6m oil drill on 600mm works well moves notably less soil so hopefully less BG
  13. Daniel king

    Black grass trial

    I all ways have BG trials and find them very useful, I always ask too be shown round them in early June just before they are sprayed off , you can see what treatments work best on your farm , I get on really well with the trial company so works well .
  14. Daniel king

    Biomass boiler settings

    Plus you can increase the fuel supply which again pushes the boiler on
  15. Daniel king

    Biomass boiler settings

    I have the same boiler I think your problem is the fines in the wood chip , the fuel quality / moisture makes a huge difference I used to burn poor quality chip but now buy more expensive chip and the heat out put has gone up hope that helps
  16. Daniel king

    Fendt 828

    When I change the 930 I would defo go for vario grip it’s a must I’m sure I could get better performance out of the tractor with it
  17. Daniel king

    Fendt 828

    Yes agreed the fuel tank isn’t big enough , that was one reason why I went for a 930 different animal too the 828 but I wanted more power and weight
  18. Daniel king

    Fendt 828

    We had one for 3 years , awesome tractor did 4000 hours and didn’t have a spanner on it , was a bit heavy on the ad blue though but they have sorted it out now the 930 I replaced it with uses half the amount . It pulled well , easy too put weight on and off , we had 600kgs on each rear wheel and...
  19. Daniel king

    Meanwhile in China

    I was in China last week looking at drone spraying they have them big enough too lift 100kgs now and spray for nearly a hour very interesting stuff with big Chinese government support .
  20. Daniel king

    osr herbicide.

    No pre em here far too expensive used to use Elk , £55 ha !!! With an uncertain crop to bigger risk , the Flea beetle are definitely moving north !!!