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    Isobus cable/ vicon baler

    Baler has just melted a small pin out of the isobus plug and socket. Anyone seen this happen on isobus before? Mechanic thinks it could just be a bad connection in the plug but I'm worried it will do something to the new plug when fitted.
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    Ih 784 warning light

    A light came on in the dash after it had a hour on the log splitter. Cant make out the picture. Any ideas what it is
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    L200 charging problem

    Help required with my 14 plate l200. It ran out of electricity one Day a few days after it came home from gettinga new balancer shaft in the engine. Replaced battery and alternator. Everything seemed fine for a day but only 12v off the back of the alternator. 2nd day back it started fine first...
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    Which Hedge cutter for verges.

    Looking for a new hedger for mostly verges. 6 m reach. Currently stuck between a spearhead t65 mid, Shelbourn 865 or a equivalent mcconnell. Looking for opinions on the above machines. Currently running spearhead. Tia
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    Amazone avant 4m folding

    Anyone thinking of changing a drill and selling the above? ideally G and F but would consider one for spares to keep my own going. What's going around?
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    Anyone had any dealings with them. Looking at bulbs and the seem very cheap.
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    16 years old on the road

    What's acceptable and what's not for a 16 year old with a tractor test. I know of the 2.45 width restrictions and the close coupled wheel rule. Are there any weight restrictions other than the standard ag trailer laws? Asking for a friend, wish I was 16 again.......... Cheers
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    One for the Renault gurus

    Renault 836. Washed it after its been sitting on a slurry pump outside. Everything fine until later that day the rear lift stopped working. PE on the lift screen. Electric spool joystick on the arm rest also not working. Replaced fuse which was blown and it melted the cover off a wire in the...
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    Spearhead hedge cutter oil pressure and flow

    Hello ladies and gentlemen. I've got a 606 highway. I think the head motor has gone as the rotor has next to no power and the system is heating up. Before I order parts the mechanic wants to check oil pressure and flow to make sure the pump is ok. Is there any hedge cutter experts out there who...
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    Tower slurry mixer

    Wanted, over the top slurry mixer. Needs to be 4m high. PTO linkage mounted preferred. Any for sale or info about any sitting at a dealer gratefully received. Cheers
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    Amazone power harrow weld on hanger repairs.

    Has anyone got the part number for the weld on hanger repair for amazone kg power harrows? And has anyone done it. Was it a big job? Cheers
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    Amazone 403-2 power harrow.

    Hi all I need some help with my power harrow. It's a folding 4 meter. I cant find a oil level or emptying plug on the left hand side bed. Also the gearbox on the top of each bed, how do I check the oil level On it? Tia
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    Massey 6400/7600 spool couplers

    Anyone got a better source of quick couplers for massey spools than going to the dealer. Got a few going funny and the genuine ones are a ridicules price.