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    Tired Ford Ranger

    Morning, any idea where to sell a tired 09 Ford ranger?? Needs battery, exhaust, electric fault t rear lights been excellent truck till these last few weeks where it’s decided to fail on too many things!! tia
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    Motorway barriers

    Hi anyone got a rough idea of the weight in an 11’6” crash barrier?? Got 25 to collect and not sure of total weight?!tia
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    Anyone in the same position as me and not received BPS payment for 2021?? Had numerous phone calls to them but no answer really as to why!! Causing me few problems!! What else can I do?? Tia
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    16 year old on phone constantly!!

    Looking for advice as got 16 year old lad coming 2 days a week as part of agricultural course. But he is constantly on his phone!! No interest in in learning the basics. He is quite good and careful tractor driving,we were both carting straw the other day through our local town which is very...
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    ADR brake shoes

    Anyone help with brake shoes size for an adr axle on an Armstrong and Holmes bale trailer six stud hubs?? The only part no on shoes is 17867 fc Thanks
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    Kverneland 7655 wrapper

    Hi, anyone using one if these wrapping 80/90 square bales, Looking for setting to put 6 layers wrap on!! Ta
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    Old goats

    Looking for pair older nanny’s for kids to look after, any ideas where to find any?thanks
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    McConnell 6565t

    Just had price for new 6565t with 1.5 m head! Anyone recommend one?? Good points or bad!!ta
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    Flat eight grab

    Would a standard flat eight grab pick up two four string hesstons straw/hay?? Or are they different type grab?ta
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    Weaner diet

    Any advice for rearing a few weaners? Got chance feed wheat,feed peas would either or both these be ok to mill into ration or could also include other ingredients Ta
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    Amazone apd

    Where is the best place to get a proximity sensor for the tramlining alternating valve?? For an amazone apd 3 m combi thanks R
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    16.9r24 tractor tyres

    Wanted pair 16.r24 front tyres 30%or more tread remaining if poss
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    Wanted kramer

    Looking for 750t or similar!! Searched all over but not found anything Needs to be tidy
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    What tyre size can I replace on a jd6810

    Just got a jd 6810. Really nice one!! But tyres are bout shot!! There 16.9x24 fronts and 18.4x38 rears. What size can I renew with on the same wheel rims? Bit bigger would be goid
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    Samson flex 17

    Hi has anyone got any experience of Samson flex spreaders??
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    Moisture meter

    can anyone recommend a good moisture meter for using with big square bales??
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    Farm Tractors: Fendt - 820

    Farm Tractors: Fendt - 820 Category: Farm Tractors Manufacturer: Fendt Price: £53 Condition: Used Description: Fendt 820 for sale 2011 5225 hrs excellent condition Front tyres 90% rear tyres75% Full spec tractor. Front pto £53k or nearest offer Rob 007739408247 [SIZE=2]This post was...
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    John Deere 6400 spool vavle

    hi,can anyone help? Got 6400 jd, one of the scv is stickin! Have taken the Bowden cable off from underneath the valve,but the rod that goes rite through to the top where you can select detent or return is stiff as hell!!
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    Spring triticale

    Has anyone any experience, good or bad about growing spring triticale??
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    Quote required for 40x75x18 ft eaves gp shed

    looking for price for 40x75x18 eaves general purpose shed Good quality box profile roof sheets green,side cladded to 12ft below eaves Delivered to Barlow,S18 7TF thanks