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  1. 12 bore

    Fergie TEA20 running poor

    Had my straight petrol fergie out tonight, started and ran well as normal hooked up the plough and drove up the field to have a play. Suppose it was running about half hour when it cut out. On re starting ran really rough, managed to limp back to shed. There was a steady flow of fuel so I'm...
  2. 12 bore

    Ferguson ted20 overheating

    So dad rings me in a flap earlier as his fergie ted20 has overheated after topping one of his small Paddocks behind the house. Basically he is saying he had just finished when it shut itself down then steam was coming out from near exhaust on right hand side. I'm pretty sure he must mean from...
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    Renting a barn to store old machinery

    Hi all After a bit of advice, I currently keep two of my fergies and a few implements on a farm just outside the village. They are family friends so I have been fortunate to just of been able to keep them there rent free in exchange for helping out round the place, gift at Christmas etc. Now my...
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    Norfolk tractors a follow up

    I created a thread on here a while back asking questions about Norfolk tractors a dealer in king st norwich someone was kindly going to ask at Ben Burgess just wondered if they had any luck!
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    Working event

    Just wondering if anyone else on here has any experience of putting on a working event. There is a few in my area of Suffolk but i have had an idea for doing something a bit different. I'm not necessarily thinking it has to be open to the public either. Any experience and or advice from anyone...
  6. 12 bore

    Ferguson backfiring

    My straight petrol grey fergie has developed an annoying habit of backfiring after closing the throttle down after working it, it's intermittent as well dosent always do it. Runs absolutely fine other than this ticks over nicely starts first time, not smokey at all, Am I right in thinking fuel...
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    International 885xl

    Don't know if anyone can help, out at work today and chap in nearby house had couple of old tractors on driveway. Got talking and he is having problems with his newly purchased IH 885 xl. Missing the cab door key numbered Sri and looking for a supplier anyone know where he could get one and also...
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    Bucklesham plough day

    Ploughed over at bucklesham at weekend had a great day and was pleased with my work in general. Land very hard in places and previous crop of peas was a pain to bury in places. I was pleased with opening split although not sure if too deep? Hoping for some advice. Also furrow wall was a bit...
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    Keeping moldboards from rusting

    Hi all Tried my Fergie 2 furrow plough out at a local plough day Saturday. I was pleased with how it turned out, I was by no means the best but neither did I make a complete hash. Had a fantastic day and was very well supported by other competitors who took time to chat and offer advice. Just...
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    Old pictures

    Hope these may be of interest got sent top 2 pictures by the orchard foreman who used to drive my tractor, took before the pickers arrived for the day mines no 5 from left. Next one down is me as a teenager same year I bought her and last is same tractor 18 years later!
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    Ted diesel

    Just an update for those who previously helped with advice the diesel Fergie is now up and running. Solenoid was at fault and had to replace perished diesel pipes as well. Will put it on a topper this week and give it a good clear out as it had previously powered a cement mixer for years before...
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    Fergie post borer

    Rescued this Fergie post borer last week, was under a hedge came with 12 and 6 inch auger bit. Put it on one of the Fergies last night and surprisingly it still works! Was expecting shaft to be seized. Still got the serial plate on just wondered if anyone knows how to figure out age from serial no
  13. 12 bore

    Tef starter the saga continues

    So I put a new solenoid on the tef20 today as previous not working as discussed on previous post. Engine spun over lovely first attempt then nothing! Hadn't got multimeter with me but i know there's power at solenoid as I can create fireworks when I bridge the gap and spin starter. The starter...
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    Tef diesel starter

    As the weather was so rubbish today went in workshop to work on the diesel Fergie I have had in bits to do clutch. Iput the tractor back together a while back but been too busy to give it a run up. It' got a brand new battery but it refuses to even consider turning over not even a clicking at...
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    Norfolk tractors

    Does anyone on here have any information on Norfolk tractors, king street, Norwich. I' researching the history of my fergie which has a Norfolk registration. Norfolk tractors are listed as being the agents at the time in 1948. I know Ben burgess had premises in king street and that they sold...
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    Match tommorow ingham

    hi all Anyone going to the Suffolk vintage ploughing match at ingham near bury St Edmunds tommorow, just wondered what time starts as this novice is hoping to go up get some pointers All the best
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    Ferguson cover

    does anyone know if any companies out there make those original style grey fergie covers, the ones that cover the bonnet and wrap around the back of the seat, been trawling eBay after seeing one but no luck. I know you can get a fitted cover from tractor jackets that goes over whole tractor but...
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    First time ploughman

    im looking to do a few ploughing matches for fun next year, my question is about kit, I have a couple of grey fergies and was going to buy a fergie plough. Would this put me at a disadvantage unless I entered a Ferguson class as I have seen other match ploughs with a lot more adjustment than...
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    Grey fergie history

    Hi all I have had my 1948 Tea20 for about 13 years now and have never got round to finding anything out about her history, the registration prefix is JAH which looking at Norfolk council is the prefix for this area in April 1948. On dvla documents a fruit farm in Suffolk is listed as being a...
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    Gross train weight Land Rover defender

    I have tried the dvsa and they have been little help, basically work want me to tow a drum trailer behind my 13 plate defender 130 mewp, took it in on farm weighbridge the Landry weighs 3500kg by itself unladen no trailer with trailer on back the whole vehicle and trailer combination weigh just...