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  1. RobFM

    fieldmargin is now on the big screen

    Hi All, As we now do as a matter of course, just a sneaky heads up especially for Team FF! fieldmargin is now available to use direct from your computer - head to and log straight in if you have an account or create a new one if you're new. Following feedback...
  2. RobFM

    Your farm now fits in your pocket!

    ** DRUM ROLL ** fieldmargin for iPhone is now finally in the app store! (The android version should be ready in about a month.) We’d love all TFF members to have a look and let us know what you think. Chats on the forum and through DM have been hugely valuable to get us to where we are. In...
  3. RobFM

    The Farmers' Club Whitehall - should I join?

    As we're based in London and we have lots of meetings with people from the farming and government world, it's been pointed out to me that joining the Farmers' Club might be a good idea, rather than squeezing into our packed and slightly noisy office or going to the local coffee emporium. Is...
  4. RobFM

    Open Data and Farming

    We're exited by all things data here at We think we could make even better stuff if the data that is meant to be public was actually public. We wrote a shortish post on the subject. What do you guys think...
  5. RobFM

    We'd love a little help. Do you have a smartphone?

    Morning all. For those that I've not spoken to, I am CEO cofounder at Our new phone app is ready for some proper field testing. Keeping and sharing geolocated notes across your farm. Improving communication, reducing paperwork and duplications. It keeps a copy of a useful...
  6. RobFM

    Thank you from fieldmargin!

    Just a quick note to say thank you to all of you lovely people who came to see us on stand at Cereals last week. As it was our official launch, we were pretty nervous about how we would be greeted. We met hundreds of people; farmers, agronomists, farm managers, operators, the lot. We couldn’t...