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    Maize Harvest 2020

    Hopefully the weather is better this year! Has anyone started yet, just wondering how the yields/DM’s are looking? Hoping to start Tuesday, as contractor has only just finished combining and loads of muck spreading to do. Looks like the rain is starting Wednesday.......
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    Climate change Committee report

    Did anyone else see this yesterday!? It says that a 20% cut in Red meat and Dairy products is needed. It also recommends raising cost of high emissions foods, BY CUTTING FARM SUBSIDIES BY 70% AND RAISING VAT! I have copied the BBC News page link below...
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    Maize Drilling

    Anyone been tempted to make a start yet? Soil temperatures were heading in the right direction a week ago, but since then we seem to have had a light frost each morning. I’m glad I decided to have a few days away! All the land has been ploughed, digestate applied and subsoiled. Most of the...
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    Glyphosate on BBC website! Just seen this story on BBC website about ruling in US. We’re already losing chemicals at a rate of 5 to every new 1 being developed. An interesting future ahead for us all..................
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    18t Trailers

    I’m looking to p/ex 3 Bailey 12t trailers for a couple of 18t new ones. What make do you all recommend? So far, looking at Bailey, Stewart, Western and Broughan. Any experiences with any of these, or any other recommendations? Most of the time they will be used to transport dried digestate...
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    Maize Harvest

    How do everyone’s crops look? We’ve got 800 acres to harvest with some good crops looking like they could do 16t, but we’ve also got some which will struggle to hit 8t! I can see some crops being ready in 2-3 weeks which is a lot earlier than usual, mostly down to disease starting to creep up...
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    HP figures- Who do you believe?

    Looking to but a new tractor. Claas are one of the manufacturers using a ECE R 120 rating. JD and Fendt use ECE R 24. Who should I believe is using a realistic system? The JD rep says Claas rating is not a real world figure?? As we all know , manufacturers always tell the truth about...
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    Agra GPS module

    Has anyone used this to link JD 4600 screen with 6000 dome running Rtk to a Claas tractor?? See below link.
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    Destroying Cover Crops. Flail or cultivator?

    We have 100ha of cover crops, a rye vetch mix which needs ploughing before drilling into Maize. We have the slow/expensive option of flailing which is last resort as we currently only have 3 m read side flail and would probably need to invest in front topper. We are demoing a Dal-bo Maxicut...
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    Ammonium Sulphate liquid spreading help

    Looking for some help/ advice! We have recently installed an acid scrubber onto a drying system to capture surplus Ammonia in the emissions. We think we will be producing much more material than initially thought and need a way of using it efficiently. We will have well over 500m3 of a 10-12%...
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    Dorset Dryers

    Is anyone running one??
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    Another Trailed/S. propelled debate

    I know it's been covered before, but looking for some help/advice. We're currently running a 15 year old Bateman RB16 24m 3000L machine, which is fine for our 850acres of arable/Maize. We have an oppirtunity to make our own fertiliser off our AD process, but unfortunately it will be rather...
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    Biogas Boiler Servicing

    Can anyone help please?? Looking for an individual/company to service biogas boilers on an AD plant? Normal gas fitters not keen as not used to dealing with 51/2% Methane. Our usual guy is great, but seems to have misplaced his phone!!
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    Maize a Harvest 2016

    Anyone started yet? We're looking to start Monday morning, so will update with some yields/ DM's tomorrow evening. The last 2 years we have been either side of 20t/ha, which is as good as it gets in our area. Looking at the crops it looks like we might be 10/15% down. Good luck!!
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    Using Greenstar on Claas tractors

    Already running 2 JD auto steer systems. One has 2630 screen and RTK, can they be linked to Class Cebis on both tractor or a Lexion. Or has it got to be an electric steering wheel??
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    Vaderstad Tempo with iPad control- Help!!

    As the title suggests looking for a bit of advice on using my new Maize drill. If it ever stops raining/ warms up............ Looking to follow our 6m P. Harrow round, doing 60-70 acres a day with a 6 row machine. We also have JD RTK on farm so looking to use section control on headlands. Just...
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    6m Folding Power Harrow

    Looking for some advice on buying one for preparing Maize ground for AD plant. Currently using a 4m and a 3.5m one to prepare 650 acres for contractor to come in and drill. Have just bought our own Tempo drill and wanted to replace cultivations with one machine. Have a JD 6210R with most of the...
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    Maize Drills

    looking to buy a new maize drill for next season. We're looking to drill approx 500 acres for our AD plant and while we have been VERY pleased with our contractor, we would like the flexibility to drill when we wanted. Probably following a 6m power harrow so 70ish acres a day. Contractors...
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    Weigh bridge Advice??

    We're in the process of building an AD plant and are looking at putting in a weighbridge in at the same time. Have any members got good/bad experiences with different companies?? Are the standard 3m ones ok, or is it worth going wider for modern flotation tyres. Any advice would be great!!
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    Yield Mapping? Pretty pictures or Useful!

    Just bought a secondhand Lexion 480E with yield mapping built in. Already running Gatekeeper, VRA fertiliser and Autosteer GPS. Is it worth spending extra money to import maps onto PC or will it just confirm what I already know(soil types etc.)?? Bit worried all I'll get is pretty maps on...