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  1. Tamar

    Grain moisture percentage.

    With the Russian's playing total idiots, the price of fuel, gas and electricity rising at an alarming rate, is this not the year that we should be pushing the grain trade to rise the moisture content of grain from 15% back to the 16% of yesteryear ? Must be people on TFF that have the correct...
  2. Tamar

    Is my wheat Farm Assured

    I use a farm assured neighbouring farmer to grow my wheat. He purchases all the chemicals and fertilizer and applies them. Grown from FA approved seed. Harvested wheat goes into approved central storage. Does that make my wheat FA? :scratchhead: N.B. I am not FA as I realise what a scam it is!
  3. Tamar

    Loan interest rates

    Due to an upcoming new purchase, I am in need to borrow another big chunk of money. Just wondering what others are paying for the privilege of borrowing, including set up fee percentage, for a very secure loan deal. The last loan I had was 1% over bank base rate. Fantastic when the bank rate...
  4. Tamar

    Round bale silage handler

    Looking to replace my old worn out bale squeezer for a new one. Unfortunately the company that made the old one is no longer trading, so what do people recommend. Want one with rollers on so that I can use it for straw , hay etc as well.
  5. Tamar

    Heiniger 12 volt clippers

    I need a new cable lead for my 12 volt Heiniger clipper. The spare parts list puts the cable in at £58 ! :eek: Anyone recommend a cheaper supplier or can I just go to a good DIY store?
  6. Tamar

    Grain buildings

    Looking to put up another building to hold grain etc, probably 100 x50. Has anyone on here put up the building that Bowie Lockwood have been advertising and if so, what are the good and bad points of the company and building. It looks a good deal at £65,000 for the complete package, but no...
  7. Tamar

    Car damage problem

    Need advice about an old banger of a car that was moved as it was in the way. It was manually moved sideways, but once the owner returned she decided we have damaged her car! The car was parked, handbrake on and in gear and was pushed about 10 feet sideways. The car now has apparently got a...