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    Ford 7740 sl dp hydraulics

    Hi I have a Ford 7740 white roof and have lost hydraulic output from the spools, linkage and steering are fine, hyd filters been changed and it made steering lighter but no difference to spools, any ideas before I tackle it tomorrow would be great, Thanks
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    2 bag fertiliser spreader

    I am looking at buying a simple easy to use two bag fert spreader either wagtail or twin disc open to any recommendations and peoples experiences
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    Nh t5050 clutch/shuttle calibration

    I’m after info on how to calibrate a nh t5050 clutch/shuttle tia
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    3mtr disc cultivator/seeder

    Im looking into buying a mounted 3mtr disc cultivator and tempted to have a seeder box on it. I cant find much info or user experience of using it to seed so just looking for any opinion/experience. Probably looking at the cheaper end/eastern europe type machine thanks
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    Mf 4355 error code

    Ive got error/flash code 72 showing on 4355 power shuttle tractor drives fine hopefully someone has a list of codes thanks
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    Mcconnel pa93

    Im looking for a pa93 hedge cutter or similar machine of any make
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    Manitou mlt 634 120 wont start

    I have a 2008 634 120hp perkins 1104 common rail was running on tickover then cut out all fuses ok battery ok have retrieved the following flash error codes from machine 551. 439. 162 machine turns over but wont fire no fuel being supplied to rail Tia for any help
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    Loader to fit Renault celtis

    loader to fit Renault celtis any make considered
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    Mf 5455 calibration

    anyone know the procedure for transmission/shuttle calibration for a 05 speed shift 5455 thanks
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    case mxm gearbox calibration

    Does anyone have the gearbox calibration procedure thanks
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    JCB 320s air con

    Would anyone know the air con gas quantity for a 320s to refill system after leak thanks
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    Mf 6465 won't start

    I have a 05 tier 2 Mf 6465 and won't start turns over ok but no power coming to the dynamite stick and only 6v at the engine diagnostic plug wondering if anyone has a wiring diagram or any experience of these thanks
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    Perkins 1104

    I have a Perkins engine in a Mf only 2400 hrs and serviced every 300hrs and has recently started dripping oil out through breather hose no problem starting etc tractor does mostly loader work through winter just looking for people's view as the oil from breather seems excessive
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    Case 1840 hydrostatic pump

    i have a case 1840 skidsteer and found hydrostatic pump to be worn it is a danfoss pump any recomendations for parts supplier or a breaker whith a used pump case ce not much help but American dealers list all the parts for it does anyone have experience In buying direct from American dealers? thanks
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    Honda trx 420 2012 electrics

    I have a 420 and as soon as the key is turned it blows the 10 amp ignition fuse wiring seems good hasn't rubbed anywhere if I unplug the grey connector from the ecm fuse doesn't blow and dash lights up so I suspect a faulty ecm just checking before I order one has anyone come across something...
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    Mf 390 cab filter roof hatch

    any recommendations where to get cab filter hatch or is it main stealer only thanks
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    Fad axle parts

    Need a six stud hub/drum for fad axle normal supplier hasn't got any stock any recomendations for a supplier thanks
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    Locking fuel cap

    Friend of mine has had something put into his fuel tanks of his tractors I have found a locking cap for his ts put cannot find one for his ford 5030 has anyone got any recommendations for a supplier thanks
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    Adr tanker axle

    Wheel bearing has collapsed on a tanker drum damaged parts are expensive thinking complete axle is better in long run where is cage cheapest place to get one thanks
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    Nh tl100a

    Have a leak on the bottom 3pt link arm out of the of the transmission has anyone changed this seal what is involved thanks