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    Taarup single chop. Taarup handy forage harvester

    Has anyone on here got a hitch/ driveline that would be for sale. I’ve got a harvester in good condition but I don’t have a drive line. It is the newer style one as seen in photo. I’m not fussed about condition. Wondering if someone has one lying around that might end up on the scrap. Would...
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    Ford 4000 brakes

    I’m after abit of advice on a ford 4000 that I am restoring. I noticed the brakes did work but the pedals were very floppy and the brakes would on work abit if you pushed down hard. I have taken them all to bits as seen on photos and I’m just wondering if the best thing to do it to just change...
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    Case mxm 190 front pto

    Hi all, I’m looking for a front pto pack for my mxm190. It’s got a zuidberg front linkage but not pto as seen on the photo. Cheers
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    McCormick xtx tractors

    What’s everyone’s opinions on the McCormick xtx tractors? We have always run case tractors and our Mx 110 has been one of the best tractors we have ever had. I’m looking to have another and it must have front and cab suspension so I can have 50k. I would rather had the fully electronic gearbox...
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    Hesston 4600 baler

    Has anyone had any experience with the Heston 4600 Baler’s. Are they good or bad. I’m only looking for something to do around 500 bales a year tops. I’ve had a look at a 4900 hesston but that’s too big for me and I prefer square bales to round ones. Anything to look out for? Cheers
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    Bamford s4/ super s4 chopper

    Has anybody still got a bamford s4 chopper? We use to find them in the 80s on the back of our Leyland’s but I haven’t seen one in ages they never seem to turn up at sales anymore. We had numerous ones and I found some photos the other day of us chopping with our 285. Has anybody got any photos...
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    Kuhn fc 250 mower

    I have just brought a project Kuhn fc 250 I’m just wondering what pto speed people run them in 540 or 1000 as it has no stickers on it. Cheers
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    Kuhn fc250 mower spares wanted

    Is anybody out there breaking a Kuhn fc 250 mower as I’m struggling to find bits. Has anybody got one lying around or broken parked up somewhere. Thanks in advance