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    Fencing posts - which have longevity??

    Fence n forget 👍👍
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    Fire sticks

    They are handy and very effective if used early enough before things properly take hold as I found out a few days ago, cheap enough and no annual services and a 15 year life👍👍
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    1/2” one with the same oomph as the 3/4” one here is amazing 👍
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    Second wheat questions

    Yes 👍
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    Liquid fert Advice- Liquisafe and Efficient N28

    I’ve been chucking it all in together no problem 👍cheers dh
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    Solar panels

    Yes that’s correct cheers dh
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    Mag on flag leaf

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    Solar panels

    We have just fitted a 20kw solar system to an atcost grain shed no problem at all? Sheets are sound etc, just needed a specialist asbestos driller which was an extra £500 for the day, cheers dh
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    EfficieNt 28, ENhance etc application

    🙄🙄, I slipped up last autumn ordered a couple Ibc @ 1.40 - should have got all of it 🙄🤷🏻 the next couple were just over 2/lt but I think like everything it’s near 3 now….!! Last I heard nufol was/is something like 500/ton? But it works totally different to nufol- I certainly wouldn’t want to be...
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    EfficieNt 28, ENhance etc application

    I think it’s nearer £3 lt now (n-durance 28) but it’s all relative really? It’s nothing like nufol scorch/damage wise , really kind on the crop in my experience 👍cheers dh
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    EfficieNt 28, ENhance etc application

    With the dry forecast it could work really well this year? I’m cutting back the last little solid dose this week & going 10lt @t2 & 10lt t3 on milling wheat & 15lt @t2 on feed to finish them off, I’ve found it mixes fine with fungicides the last few years and bittersalts etc, I go @ 150lt/ha...
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    A new high in agricultural corruption has been achieved

    Do any other countries have a red tractor type thing or is it just here? Cheers dh
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    Countryside Stewardship open for applications for agreements to start in 2023

    Same here, still waiting to hear about this year’s acceptance? Only supposed to start 6 weeks ago- Very frustrating 🤷🏻🙄!!
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    KwS cochise spring wheat

    That particular block is heavy hanslope clay, not very well drained but we are slowly improving this, it’s a cheap easy system & doing a good job on what was v bad blackgrass with a view to returning to winter cropping at some point when flufenacet & maybe Atlantis etc will do a cracking job 🤞...
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    Is their an Eastern Farms Ltd member on TFF.

    We are almost next door in a few places & they’re certainly reputable & decent stuff, not sure what combine(s?) are replacing yet but I’d guess the big jd? Cheers dh
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    Sumo trio

    Does it need to be trailed? Will be selling a mounted one soon? Cheers dh
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    Best milling wheat

    We find zyatt very consistent? Not without its problems recently but still v pleased here, cheers dh
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    KwS cochise spring wheat

    Kilburn tillers really well & yields well? Older variety but v good if you can get it? Cheers dh
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    KwS cochise spring wheat

    130n but not pushing for milling cheers dh
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    KwS cochise spring wheat

    Vaddy be best 👍, as said above watch yellow rust early doors & ergot , got some continuous cochise just down a1 from you (yr9 now) , just autumn joker & drill on heavy ground did 6.5t last year with very minimal inputs 🤷🏻? Cheers dh