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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Just been quoted Blue bag Nitram £649, price only held till Friday. Liquid N35 £707 for delivery now. No price available for April. 1 more load needed! Decions,decisions.........
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    Is FIT Transferable with a CHP

    We’ve had 2 dealings with 2nd hand CHP’s. One from a failed gas plant, it was a 500kw and as soon as we enquired with ADBA, they had OFGEM tell them it wasn’t transferable as company had been put into administration. Also tried to buy a secondhand 1MW CHP with ROC’s but also not transferable...
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    New toy day

    Spent yesterday setting the new Maize drill up with Horsch. Seriously impressed with the technology, but need some rain before we get going!
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    Folding 4 meter combi recommendations

    Currently running. Kuhn PH combi for drilling after Maize/spuds when wet. Also have a Rapid with Grange toolbar which we used for 300ac of Cover crops and 200ac of WW when it was dryer. The only problem is that the combi is on Suffolk coulters. Does anyone know of any companies who do...
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    Maize 2020

    Thanks to our contractors, we finished 850ac yesterday. Completed in 5.5 days with record yields, averaging bang on 20t/ac at 32%. DM’s ranged from 26-38% with most being bang in the middle. This is a field of Keops , which is the best crop we’ve ever grown averaging 23t/ac over 75ac. Lots of...
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    Maize Harvest 2020

    Hopefully the weather is better this year! Has anyone started yet, just wondering how the yields/DM’s are looking? Hoping to start Tuesday, as contractor has only just finished combining and loads of muck spreading to do. Looks like the rain is starting Wednesday.......
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    Harvest/Yields 2020

    I was disappointed after reading the Farmers Weekly yields!! Also seen videos on Instagram of UK farmers struggling to feed the wheat into a draper header showing 11-12t/ha. After speaking to local, Warwickshire farmers, 7-8t/ha seems respectable. But not very profitable! Good luck to rest of...
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    Harvest/Yields 2020

    Good luck to all you boys growing 12t/ha, but on our ground we couldn’t be more disappointed. We only had 44ha of wheat due to wet season. Ours all burnt off in April/May so didn’t bother with T3. Disappointed with first 27ha, averaging 7.98t/ha at 13.9%. Little did I know....Went on to second...
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    Website for total rainfall

    This is from our Sencrop app showing rainfall for last 14 days in West Midlands. It has been really catchy.
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    Website for total rainfall

    I agree with Clive. Fantastic bits of kit with great service and backup. The running costs are pretty negligible and you don’t need a SIM card as many others do, as well as no need to be near WiFi or power source. They can be put anywhere and the app is pretty good. The only downside is the app...
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    Hung out to dry ? When are we going to learn, the UK public and government don’t care about British Ag. This is the reason I wanted to stay in Europe, so many people were passionate...
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    Which loading shovel?

    At the moment we’re running a Claas 5.5t 7m telehandler. Looking to change and new ones around 90k. How would loading shovel price compare? Also, how do Volvo work, do they have Ag dealers or through the industrial route?
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    Potato harvest

    I’d say the NFU are spot on this time with the potato figures. 3 different growers within 5 miles of me all grow 150 to 200ac each. One has 100 left, the others have about 75ac each left. This is all in the Midlands, 2 big growers within about 30 miles both have 400ac each left. It’s getting...
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    Climate change Committee report

    I heard the same ad on the radio yesterday, while unblocking my vaddy drill! It didn’t help my temper......... The problem we have as an industry is that it is all one way traffic, we need to get positive stories out there.
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    Climate change Committee report

    Did anyone else see this yesterday!? It says that a 20% cut in Red meat and Dairy products is needed. It also recommends raising cost of high emissions foods, BY CUTTING FARM SUBSIDIES BY 70% AND RAISING VAT! I have copied the BBC News page link below...
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    I have seen first electric car!!!!

    Interesting to me!! I’ve just bought two for my daughters as they never have enough charge...
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    Wireless weather station

    Any update? Really pleased with it. Great App, easy to set up. Just waiting for same rain to see how it works, but I was very impressed so added the wind guage(extra cost!), which arrived this morning. Very helpful on the phone and quick to reply with quote.
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    Wireless weather station

    Signed up for one 3 days ago. Very helpful on phone, they checked my signal for my postcode and informed me would be 10 days delivery. Was £349, plus £150 annual. Also £30 for tripod and £40 delivery. Still think it is good value compared to competitors. Will post again when up and running!
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    Wireless weather station

    They must have a SIM card in them to send data?! I assume the cost is covered by £150 annual. I sent an email off TFF link but not heard anything yet?
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    Wireless weather station

    Had a look at the Sencrop offer, looks an attractive price. Had a quote from company at last years Cereals and it was £1500 + VAT! I see it has a SIM card and £150 a year for that,but so did more expensive option. How are people getting on with them?