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    Case 4230 pto clutch

    Has anyone got a workshop manual for the pto clutch on a 4230? I'd like to get it sorted while the tractors in bits for a few other jobs but not sure how. Is it like the older ih tractors where you go in through the side? Any help would be appreciated
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    Forage wagon road distance

    How far are people traveling with forage wagons? Our job would average 3/4 miles field to clamp 2 / 3miles good main road, the remainder lanes and farm drives contactor recons it'd work out dearer than forager but obviously that depends on volume of crop. Would be a contractor payed on the...
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    Age of pottinger mex 6

    Just out of interest how can you put an age to a mex 6 is it in the serial number? I had a 2004 one until last year. I went with a neighbour to help him look at one advertised as 2004 but it was the older style difrent drawbar guards and crop press like I've seen on a 1994 one but not sure when...
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    Alfa laval ACR's

    I have alfa laval 5000 ACR's and a few are not working properly is there anywhere that repairs the circuit boards and / or keypads? Or supplies new? I'm in Cheshire but they'd be easy to post anywhere. If anyone has some second hand ones for sale let me know. Thanks
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    Hay wanted

    Hay wanted delivered to Cheshire 07799422151
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    Hydra shift lost drive suddenly

    My trusty dB 1494 hydra shift suddenly lost drive whilst putting a load of feed out. I've owned it 12 years and it's been faultless in 1st and 2nd a little lazy in 3rd and 4th. It was going along nicely and just stopped won't drive in any gear could it be something simple or is it a major strip...
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    Jcb 526s pick up hitch

    Looking for a used pick up hitch for a jcb 526s wondered if anyone's got one lying about.
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    Cornwall to cheshire

    My father in law is wanting a loader and brackets for tractor moving from bodmin to Congleton
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    Mowers: Lely - 320m & 320f

    Mowers: Lely - 320m & 320f Category: Mowers Manufacturer: Lely Price: £7500 Condition: Used Description: Lely 320 front and rear plain disc mowers year 2012 light use good condition £7500 Cheshire [SIZE=2]This post was automatically created via
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    Disc Mower: Kuhn - Gmd 310

    Disc Mower: Kuhn - Gmd 310 Category: Disc Mower Manufacturer: Kuhn Price: £4950 Condition: Used Description: Kuhn 310 rear plain disc mower bought new July 2015 not done much work low power requirement and light weight very tidy condition complete with bolt on topping skids Nantwich...
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    Forage Harvester and Accessories: Pottinger - Mex 6

    Forage Harvester and Accessories: Pottinger - Mex 6 Category: Forage Harvester and Accessories Manufacturer: Pottinger Price: £6250 Condition: Used Description: Pottinger mex 6 2004 metal detector vertical spout extension new knifes due to be fitted next week 10 paddles 5 better than the...
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    Forage Harvester and Accessories: CLAAS - 75

    Forage Harvester and Accessories: CLAAS - 75 Category: Forage Harvester and Accessories Manufacturer: CLAAS Price: £3250 Condition: Used Description: Claas jaguar 75 forage harvester no metal detector 1.75m header vertical and horizontal spout extensions fitted pick up hitch blades 50 - 60%...
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    Silage trailer

    Looking for a used silage trailer around 12 tonne in or near Cheshire.
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    Front linkage and pto for jd 6930p

    Looking for a used front linkage and pto for a 6930 p Will 07799422151
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    Sorting gate

    Evening all, I'm looking to make sorting cows as they leave the parlour easier currently got a 15ft gate that I get out the pit and operate manually which although reliable is a pain when sorting larger numbers for vet visits etc. I'm thinking all it needs is an air powered ram with a switch in...
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    Heat detection stickers

    What's the trick to get the things to stay on? Yesterday I put 15 on my bulling heifers this morning 10 still have them on. I tried clipping the hair for the first time thinking that might help, I also got them warmer than normal by placing them in range of a fan heater, can you get them to...
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    Plate cooler time delay

    Can't get my head around this, got a new Kingston time delay module for the plate cooler but can't get it so the timer starts when the milk pump stops, instead it starts the countdown when the milk pump starts. What am I doing wrong?
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    Cattle race

    Evening all. I'm Wanting to build a race already got a concrete floor and one good solid wall to do one side so thinking girders and rails or gates to do the other side, would be greatful of any advice or pictures and also on how to make a forcing yard preferably a square one. Thanks, Will.
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    Low budget Milking parlour alterations

    Our current milking parlour is a well used 16 16 with jars above head level and standings at 32 degrees milking from the side. I want to alter it to milk between the back legs as I find the units sit on the cows better and the pipes and acr cord don't get stepped on nearly as much. All it...