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    DIY FEC / Mcmaster slides

    Hi all, I'd like to be able to do my own FEC but no longer ship to the UK and i can't seem to find another supplier. Ebay don't seem to sell the slides either for me to purchase separately and the links in the threads on this forum to slides/microscopes etc are all dead :-( Any...
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    Introducing existing rams to new ram

    We have 7 rams - all mature and have been with each other in the same field for a few years now. I have a pet ram from last year from another farmer that I didn't castrate and now I'd like to try him for breeding this year. He's been with some wethers since he was born but they've now gone and...
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    Derelict Farmhouses

    Hi all This may be a bit long winded so bear with me. Partner and I farm in a village, we own around 150 sheep, partner is an agri contractor and all work is within the village. We live 10 miles away and are looking to get back to the village as driving back and fall especially during lambing...
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    Liver Fluke inside shed??

    Hi I'm having a constant problem with fluke. I have pregnant ewes in 2 sheds - one is a steel shed, the other is a stone walled shed. Fields are constantly wet in the autumn/winter so i fluke every 4 weeks to try to keep on top of it. Fluked all the sheep before I brought them into the sheds...
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    Sheep tagging rules

    Hi all Looking for some advice please. I have read until I am blue in the face the rules around sheep tagging but I can't find the answer to my question If for example, you have bought in some sheep and they have the previous owners full IED tags, if you then decide that actually you want to...