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  1. LCF1

    Bed and breakfast Turkeys

    How much per bird for a shed from now till Christmas doing the feeding and checking but the farmer supplies all inputs? Thanks for your thoughts
  2. LCF1

    Best tractor drawn livestock trailer

    What are peoples thoughts about the best trailer for moving mostly sheep, occasionally cattle?
  3. LCF1

    Working Collie pups

    2 dogs for sale one black and white and one tri Both parents work sheep Ready to go from 20th October South -West Please PM me if interested
  4. LCF1

    Working Collie pups for sale

    These pups are out of parents that both work sheep Very nicely marked (see photo) Will be ready in 4 weeks (20th October ish) South-West PM me if interested Thanks
  5. LCF1

    Grass seeding machine

    I’ve got a grass box piggy backed on the power Harrow but she is getting a bit tired. Could do with a wider tined machine to give up my power Harrow habit. Any suggestions?