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    New season lamb

    What's the trend this year. Will new season numbers be coming forward earlier than normal? Have lambs been born early this time like b4.Have flocks opted for later lambing. Topic of conversation in market today
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    Lameness in Store Lambs

    Is there more lameness occurring in boughten store lambs. Over the years we are seeing more lambs going lame with our wintering lambs.Able to cure but find we are turning over 30% of each bunch at least ObviouSly buying off many sources mainly through markets.
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    Annual electric pole wayleave

    Hi Discovered local board are not paying correct rate and even for all poles on our land. This has been going back for several yeArs. Are we entitled to retrospective payment. Not asked them yet still sortiNg plans out and agreeing maps. thoughts?
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    Agrimin Lammacs old stock wanted Standard clear

    Having some Macs left over and kind weather this year we only recently had to purchase some Macs for this year which are now made to be biodegradeable/combustable and are not the same product for durability. Does any stockists still have the original polystyrene Macs in stock? Happy to purchase...
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    FBT Living in the Farmhouse.

    Son on joint tenancy getting married.Parents also on tenancy do we parents have to give tenancy up? As we are considering moving out.
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    Sheep Dip DIsposal

    Will have some used dip stored in a couple of IBC containers.Don't want to dispose on farm.Which waste disposal companies take the dip to dispose of it correctly.Thanks in advance
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    Looking for a used 10/12ft Dutch Harrows Mid Wales/Borders

    Hi can only find one out on the East Coast that will cost an arm and a leg to haul back, has anybody got one used for sale closer to Mid Wales, English Border area. Thanks
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    Large amount Coppiced hedgerows for Biomass-- Value???

    We have a very large amount of overgrown reasonable straight wood coppiced off in Mid Wales / Border area.Is there a market for it to be shredded into Biomass Fuel. Can send pics/details if required
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    Smartshot B12 Injection Quote

    Anybody want to quote me for 2.5 litres of Smartshot B12 Injection by Virbrac. Thats the initial quantity needed but will be looking for more in a year . Vets prescription by myself will be needed.
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    Farmers Fresh Wales Abbatoir opening day last Saturday

    Did anybody on here go to the opening for shareholders etc in Wrexham on Saturday.
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    Experiences with lice/ Maggot pour ons

    Whats the best product for lice that also covers maggots . We will be dipping in a few weeks when shorn and a bit of wool on the sheep but want cover for now as lambs are lousy. Vectrocert, Crovect, and new product Fly Off i am told is all the same product. Anybody advise a better product.
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    To hire a mobile sheep dipper or Build a new set up

    Hi Had a bit of lice last winter and i think with the risk of injectables not being efficient considering dipping this year Up to 3k sheep perhaps. We do buy sheep in . Are there many contractors out there(Powys) for mobile. Or any plans for set ups which comply with strict rules. The latter...
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    Sheep Shearing Combs and Cutter Grinder

    Anybody got some advice on what make we should look for anybody got one for sale
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    Sheep Shearing combs and cutter sharpener. Grinder

    Any body got one for sale. Old Lister whatever as long as it works
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    Any feedback on Smartshot B12. lamb injection.

    New on the market from New Zealand. Who can import it?, vet only? cost, results etc Thanks
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    Tesco new shipment of Lamb Shared on Facebook

    Just had this message shared on facebook off several farming friends "With lamb prices down by over £20 a head from last year, we've just been told that Tesco have taken a shipment of New Zealand lamb this week when British lamb is in peak season. If you value quality food, high welfare...
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    David Brown 996 Engine

    The engine has gone on mine need an engine block as such with the inards working or will scrap mine maybe somebody is interested in a loader tractor which has not had much work over the years 1979 reg to do up if i cannot find one. Mid Wales based
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    Wanted Aberdeen Angus Calves

    Any body got batches of Aberdeen Angus sired Calves(with paperwork) preferably 20 at a time 8 weeks old or so regular supply 100 mile radius of Mid Wales. Thanks