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    Copper sulphate

    Afternoon all I went to fill the footbath a wee while ago only to discover we've no formalin left I've got an old tub of copper sulphate but I can't remember the mixing rate Could someone refresh my memory please
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    Universal joint cups

    Was making up a new universal joint earlier and forgot to put grease in one of the cups :banghead: and at least one of the rollers has fallen out Long story short, how can I remove the cup again intact, it's in a new yoke and is rather a tight fit and I don't have a press
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    Delaval tank washer

    We have a Delaval TWA plus tank washer which for a few days hasn't been drawing in the chemical There's a solenoid on the bottom of the chemical dosing unit which I've changed and it's still not working and now it's not drawing hot water either Anyone got any ideas /suggestions? TIA
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    Mchale wrapper

    We have a Mchale 991 LBER, I had 5 bales to wrap today to finish up for the year The wrapper kept doing one turn and then "film break " would appear on the display. When the film wasn't broken I haven't had a close look but I assume there's a film sensor somewhere Can anyone shed any light on...
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    Ford /NH 40 series

    We have an excellent 10 series thread What about a 40 series one? Here's one of ours to kick off with Equipped with an equally state of the art manure spinner (y) Apologies if a similar thread has been done already and I can't remember it
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    Parlour mats

    Thinking about putting mats in the parlour to improve cow comfort etc Any suggestions as to which mat is the best? Thanks in advance
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    Ertl 1.16 Precision series no 17 John Deere 4440

    Very detailed scale model ,limited edition been kept on a shelf away from the kids Comes with box and commemorative medal Cost £160 new ,currently same model on eBay for £185 Looking for £125 but open to slight negotiations PM me for further information
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    Other: John Deere -

    Other: John Deere - Category: Other Manufacturer: John Deere Price: £120 Condition: Used Description: Collectible ERTL precision series no 17 John Deere 4440 1:16 scale Limited edition Been on display but kept away from the kids Complete with box and medal Cost £160 new...