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    Valve Chest/Spool Valve/Monobloc

    Hi, I am looking for a lever for this valve chest. Can anyone identify the manufacturer of the attached valve chest. Or may be you have levers you are not using or a similar disused item? thanks
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    Zetor 8011 Drive

    Were any of the Zetor 8011 4WD ? Can the 2WD Zetor 8011 be easily converted to 4WD ?
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    Thwaites Dumper axle seals

    My Thwaites 6 ton dumper (5 stud) axle seals need replacing. I have removed the hub cover, the circlip, Gear sun and bolts, see attached pic. Its a JCB axle, part number 450 10302P . how do I remove the Gear Annulus ring (my finger points to this ring in the pic) ? how is this ring retained...
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    Thwaites dumper stalls

    Old 5 stud 6 ton Thwaites dumper refuses to move forward or reverse. Engine runs fine. When I turned off the key & started the Engine it moved forward for 1-2 minutes, then it stalled. It now refuses to move even with stopping & starting the engine. How should I locate the cause of this issue...