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    Basic Light bar GPS for sprayer

    Hi, in case this topic has been covered please reply with a link to the thread, thanks. Looking at FETF46 (Farming technology fund) Light bar up to 20cm. Which light bar would fellow people recommend ? Self propelled sprayer. I have seen Agricision & like it, but with most of the lightbars I...
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    Fungicide spraying with frosts at night & cold conditions

    As per 2022 spraying season is being a bugger. :mad: With yellow rust in WW skyfall, windy conditions and frosts at night into next week (w/c 4/4/22) with showers a real problem next week, should I be putting a fungicide on if wind allows a window, or let mother nature with the frosts do the...
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    Chaviot 2000 Sprayer

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has any experience of a Chaviot 2000L self propelled sprayer. Pros, cons, things to look out for etc. As chaviot do not exist anymore and they have a 300tdi engine in them, where would the spray parts come from if I had any issues? Thanks
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    Rental figures for 5 acres

    Hi folks, Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and wishing everyone a Happy New Year. I have been asked to find the going rate for rental figures for 5 acres, grade 2, flat, arable land, bare (stubble) with road frontage (access). BPS + Environmental schemes NOT included. (South East England)...
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    Best wording for 'Private Property' sign for gateways

    Hello all, Asking for advice for the best wording for 'private property' signs to hang on gateways. We struggle with one particular gateway with continuous fly tipping, (I would block it off, but need access & have looked at the different blocks which do allow access for tractors, but gateway is...
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    New Holland / Ford 8770 steering wheel gas strut packed up

    Hi all, looking for advice on parts and where the source them from please? See photos attached from parts manual online, the steering wheel gas strut on a NH 8770 has packed up. The parts I think are; Part 5 / 5a / 6 & 7. Based in UK. Any links or advice greatly appreciated. Thanks all.