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    Why is it farmers are bribed to grow GMO?

    GMO food is not safe and has never been, yet some farmers are willfully ignorant of the damage to their fellow humans this does. comments please
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    Hi all just been reading ....

    Hi all i have just been reading the "One Straw Revolution" a no plow method of growing using No herbicides and no fertilisers, and he gets the same crop weight as modern methods that is ruining the land by destroying the soil fauna and flora, no poisons applied to the land natural crop pest...
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    Hi folks a lot of farms have water on their property, and can be used to generate power...

    Hi all i came across this system of power generation, and i thought it may be of use to farmers that need extra electricity This is vortex generator easily installed and giving great energy for little outlay I hope this is of use to some of you regards Peter
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    Has anyone been looking at this information ?

    Hi folks been following solar cycles and we appear to have this coming A maunder minimum, also with the new weather patterns emerging how are things going to change in the UK
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    BEAM Biologically Enhanced Agricultural Management

    I do a lot of research into methods to reduce reliance on fertilizers for growth and came across this article and manual, can anyone tell me if there are any trials of this method that you know of?