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  1. hoyboy

    I don't think I could farm down south....

    How many of you guys would get away with this without causing mayhem?
  2. hoyboy

    Foot rot - footvax

    We're getting more and more foot rot here. Pretty strict at culling any bad feet before tupping but it just keeps on appearing in others. Tups are the worst. I buy hill Cheviots at Dingwall and try to stay clear of anything that looks like it has feet problems but a year later and their feet...
  3. hoyboy

    Cows or no cows

    I run 105 suckler cows and 1500 ewes. Not pushed to the limit of what the farm will carry by any means. I grow a bit of barley to fatten young stock and neeps for sheep. I do everything in house. I have an extensive range of machinery, all older, bought and paid for stuff. The business has no...
  4. hoyboy

    Sicma King 4m power harrow

    Looking for a gearbox for a 1995 4m harrow... Other makes of power harrow may have same gearbox
  5. hoyboy

    Year old stabiliser heifers and steers for sale

    Gonna sell a bunch of my year olds. All calved May / June weighed yesterday average 370kg. Not pushed only fed silage and 1.5kg barley all winter. Will be some decent heifers among them as I'm not going to bull any this year. Shipping to Aberdeen no problem.
  6. hoyboy

    Kuhn quick fit power harrow tines

    Does anyone else have a problem with loosing the little linch pins and tines and holding bar fall out and you loose them in the ground? This is one of the stupidest set ups I've seen on a machine, so much for 'quick fit'. Resorted to welding the linch pins in and grinding the welds off when...
  7. hoyboy

    Selling neeps / swedes

    Hi folks, we've managed to get a pile of neeps lifted. Neighbor wanting to buy some off us and I'm wondering what the going rate is for them?
  8. hoyboy


    Does anyone know anything about this guy? Just a mobile number, says he doesn't have a website. Trading under under 'Hetton Transport', Batley WF17 6JD
  9. hoyboy

    360 Excavator auxiliary hydraulic service

    I have a 2007 Case 13 tonner which I would like to run a screening bucket with. Currently my machine has no hammer line or auxiliary lines. It's an older machine, not really worth spending 2k + time to add a proper hammer service. My idea is to fit a 3/4" electric 6 port diverter in the space...
  10. hoyboy

    Sheep udder problem - help!

    In the last 2 years we have been getting problems with ewe's udders being hard with little or in the worst cases no milk. There is no correlation to condition or age of the affected ewes. I've even seen it in gimmers. The hardness in the udder is like a growth under the skin but not attached...
  11. hoyboy

    Case Puma 195

    Looking at a 2008 model with 3500hrs. We demoed one a few year ago was a nice thing to drive. How are they for reliability? Anyone here owned one for long? Theres none around here so don't no much about them really.
  12. hoyboy

    Stripped cross shaft - looking for Case & McCormick breakers

    Started ploughing this week and our mccormick xtx185 has stripped the splines on the arm on one side of the lift cross shaft. The shaft itself is not too badly worn as it must be made of harder stuff than the cast arm. A new one from mccormick is £400. does anyone here know of anyone breaking...