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  1. Dicky.A

    Potato harvester Scrolls ripping

    Anyone having problems with Standen T2 scrolls ripping off?? Lifting green top crispers in very dry conditions. Running scrolls fast and clod rollers slow with minimum gap. Ripping and damaging a lot of scrolls. Are scrolls poor quality or are my settings to harsh? Are Grimme scrolls any...
  2. Dicky.A

    When to wean lambs

    Nicely got finished lambing. Wondering if I should wean at 10 weeks (mid April) or 12 weeks (start May) or later? To make best advantage of grass. Lambs on creep.
  3. Dicky.A

    Best breed?

    Wanting to buy 2 breeding sows for kids to keep and sell the box meat. Was planning on keeping them in our wood. What is the best breed for, keeping outside, flavour of meat and nature of sow?? I would get them A.I’d, so presume only commercial semen would be available? Thanks
  4. Dicky.A


    Hello 1st post here so bear with me. Bit of background. Just taken over spraying from the old fella. Farm sand land severely manganese difficient. Agronomist sends a powder product. Nutrell fast mix master Mang and recommends a wetter (kantor) costs about £9/ha per pass. 30% manganese 45%...