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  1. mf298

    Perkins 104.22 engine

    I have one of these in a JCB Skidsteer which has done something nasty to itself! Without having dismantled anything yet it would seem due to noises coming from it and serious breathing that a possibility would be broken rings on one or more pistons. It was on hire when it happened - hirer said...
  2. mf298

    discs for Ransomes TSR102

    I am looking for discs for my plough. Needing them to get higher marks at matches! Hopefully they will help tidy opening and finish! I have seen disc from 300 series modified to fit. Distance will not be a problem - any offers gratefully received! Thanks.
  3. mf298

    JIC fittings help?

    I know the hydraulic fittings on my MF are JIC coming out of spool valves. Does anybody know what size they are? Thanks in advance!
  4. mf298

    MF hydraulics help!

    One for the MF experts here please? Has anyone tried connecting trailer brakes to trailer tipping pipe and using pressure control to operate brake? Just wondering? is there sufficient or too much pressure and would it release? I don't have access to pressure gauge or would have tried this before...
  5. mf298

    McConnel gearbox help!

    I have an old McConnel PA44 with Flail form about 1980. The bearings in the gearbox that drives the pump have died. When I measure them they appear to match metric sizes. Outside diameter 90mm, inside 50mm and 20mm wide. As the rest of the parts are all imperial is it likely that the bearings...
  6. mf298

    faith in human nature restored!

    Standing in line this morning waiting to get in to Royal Highland Show when a gentleman came up to me out of the blue and gave me a free pass to get in. Certainly put a smile on my face today! If you read this then thanks again!

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