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  1. Sandpit Farm

    Student Survey

    Ha I wrote this before I read that you were working on a trigger. I did the survey as I try to do for anyone but it was hard. It kept going from positive to negative and irritatingly made me have to think really hard. I hadn’t realised the OP is an activist. Being an animal rights activist...
  2. Sandpit Farm

    Student Survey

    Are you seriously a carnivore? I don’t know anybody who is a carnivore.... apart from my dog?!
  3. Sandpit Farm

    Bedding calves on sawdust

    Any issues composting/getting rid of waste?
  4. Sandpit Farm

    Ownership and responsibility of mobile phone use

    Health and Safety of all contractors working on your farm is your responsibility. Not everybody knows that. You are the one they put in prison
  5. Sandpit Farm

    Making a living from sheep

    You're right. I meant that comment in general. You have to establish what your reason for farming is. People often say they are doing it for money but they aren't really... they can't be. Most people would be making a negative profit with all costs added in and subtracting subsidy. If that...
  6. Sandpit Farm

    Who you voting for?

    I share this view. I feel the only real options are Labour or Conservative. In an ideal world, I would like to say to the EU, "So terribly sorry for all the trouble, can we just make up and stay together?". I feel like Labour are the only genuine option for this but I couldn't bare living in a...
  7. Sandpit Farm

    Making a living from sheep

    Nope the rent should definitely be included even though it isn't a cash cost. It is still a true cost as you could rent the land out if you chose. Equally, a labour cost should be added as you'd have to pay a shepherd if you were out of action for some reason. The beef enterprise is subsidising...
  8. Sandpit Farm

    Making a living from sheep

    Also £200-£300 in the swear box!!
  9. Sandpit Farm

    Making a living from sheep

    Well done for putting your head above the parapet. Assuming they take you on average 1hr/day at £10/hr, that's £3650. So that's -£50 profit on the whole enterprise based on your calculations. That doesn't take into account vehicle depreciation, building depreciation etc (assuming you are...
  10. Sandpit Farm

    Jobs For The Kids.

    So sorry, I had wrongly assumed she was a he. Good for her!! She could even design her own labels for the egg boxes. The other thing you could do is chicken boarding. It is straight forward and people would pay reasonable money to have their hens looked after while they go away. There's car...
  11. Sandpit Farm

    Making a living from sheep

    Sometimes, if I am not busy, I go and stack shelves at the local supermarket for free. It is just down the road so I might as well :banghead:
  12. Sandpit Farm

    Making a living from sheep

    Also, we know that the top farmers will have a fantastically low COP. That means there are a lot of people with much higher COP. The trouble with working on averages is it doesn't show the range. Most farmers think they are the best and the reality is often quite different.
  13. Sandpit Farm

    Insurance recommendation for a tup

    Does anybody have experience or recommendations for an insurance provider for insuring a tup for his own value while he works away?
  14. Sandpit Farm

    Commercial swaledales??

    I think breeding for shoulder is a dangerous game in a hill breed. What's the point? Nobody wants shoulder meat and it has the potential to reduce lambing ease. I know grading is over 3 points (shoulder, loin and gigot) but it shouldn't be. They are all weighted the same but have different...
  15. Sandpit Farm

    Tup Transport needed - Lockerby to East Mids

    Thanks so much. I think this may just do the trick. Spoke with Malcolm and he knows both farms so that’s perfect.
  16. Sandpit Farm

    Tup Transport needed - Lockerby to East Mids

    Just trying to get a tup down from Lockerby to Rutland. If anybody is travelling south with a clean trailer from that neck of the woods, it'd be great if we could link up and cover some costs etc. He is MV so couldn't really travel with non MV animals. We need him for about 1st December. Any ideas?
  17. Sandpit Farm

    Jobs For The Kids.

    I think the HSE are now clamping down on this so you'd need to think creatively. I believe there is no industry worse than farming for deaths and, in particular, child deaths. There are things like poo picking at stables etc that may pay him a bit of cash. Another option perhaps, set him up...
  18. Sandpit Farm

    Lime in cubicles

    I would look at other things too. They should have sufficient space to lunge... ideally 3' forward of the brisket bar and without that awkward bar that I see all the time that cows bang their chin on. If they don't have this, they will rock when lunging and will rub their hocks. That hock...
  19. Sandpit Farm


    I suspect farmers moan about abattoirs ripping them off because it is the abattoirs that should be paying the meat processor levy not the farmer. Farmers pay their own levy. There is a 60p farmer levy on a lamb and a 20p levy on the processor, so why are some processors charging farmers 80p?

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