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  1. Fish

    How late can you drill winter beans?

    I've drilled wizard in spring, April 15, a very heavy wet field. DD with a Simtech, we kept the seed rate up and was a good crop, but very late to harvest, finished in the dark on bonfire night watching fire works in the distance.
  2. Fish

    How many decades would it take to reverse global warming???

    Let's face it, never
  3. Fish

    Notill spring barley !

    I like s barley as a no till crop, and have had good crops so far, even if drilled in mid April, 6.9t ha mid April drilled in 18, 7.2t ha April drilled this year.
  4. Fish

    Why is it continuously raining?

    Same here, Autumn 17 was wet here, total was 775mm, September was very wet with almost 150mm. 18 was also wetter than av with a total of 697mm. Looking at our records we have recorded three years where the total made 900mm +, 98,2000 and 12, but in each of those years both April and May were...
  5. Fish

    Stubble Burning in India ,why isnt it banned?

    The curse of Indian city's is the 2 stroke engine.
  6. Fish

    Idiots/beginners guide to sat nav steering.

    Talk to Russell's at Malton, they have a big net work that covers most of North Yorkshire. I started with an aftermarket kit (Trimble ez pilot) 7 years ago, with the idea of moving it between machines as required, but it's a pain. Now we have 4 machines with fully integrated systems, all...
  7. Fish

    Your current weather.

    Still raining. Re Singapore, got family about a 1000 kicks north of there, I think I'll chuck the towel in for this year and go and live with them.
  8. Fish

    Your current weather.

    Rain, Rain, Rain, looking like we're gonna get another 30mm by morning.
  9. Fish

    Getting concerned

    Ok, well in that case you may well be right. What is worrying, is that we've hit 850 with two months to go. We're gonna need a bigger boat.
  10. Fish

    Getting concerned

    Interesting, this Autumn is still in 3rd place here, with both 12 and 2000 well ahead yet, 940 and 1100mm respectively, only 850 or so this year so far, we have been running at around 100mm per month since June (155mm).
  11. Fish

    Anyone using a lighter 100/150hp tractor with old cultivator drill this season

    So using that example, a 14t grain trailer is better on super singles than 560/22s, I know an extrem example. I think I will stick to my 710/42 vf @ 7psi thanks.
  12. Fish

    Drilling anyone?

    Yes, I await the subsoiling thread next summer/Autumn.
  13. Fish

    Drilling anyone?

    227mm, 842mm since Jan 1
  14. Fish

    Drilling anyone?

    Yes, just have to hope we don't get to much tomorrow.
  15. Fish

    Drilling anyone?

    Next week( according to my weather app) looks ok ish, stronger winds, bit sunshine, few showers, so maybe a chance yet.
  16. Fish

    Drilling anyone?

    Got started today, first time since sept 24. zyatt @350s m/2, 5kg of iron max going on behind the drill, ex beans.
  17. Fish

    Tundra or bumble winter beans

    Harvesting em is the trick. I once drilled some wizard in mid April, cut them on bonfire night, the feckers wouldn't die.
  18. Fish

    Short disc ..... any good

    Pull it yes, boss it no.
  19. Fish

    Your current weather.

    Yes the flood defences are much better now than years ago, but there's a lot of water comming down the three main rivers above York. In Dec 15 both of the bridges over the Swale near me were closed for a few days while the big water went through, I think the Jorvik centre got flooded that year...
  20. Fish

    Your current weather.

    Just been to ripon, both the Swale and the Ure are starting to run hard, there might a few damp feet in York.

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