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  1. The sheep dipper man

    Who's of to NSA Welsh sheep tomorrow

    Looking forward to NSA Welsh sheep 2019 come snd visit myself and bimeda.
  2. The sheep dipper man

    Apprentice needed

    Im After a full time apprentice to work on a pig, sheep and arable farm. And a large mobile sheep dipping round which cover the whole of the uk. If interested get in touch. Willong to put through all relivent qualifications for the right person.
  3. The sheep dipper man

    Thoughts on the new quadzilla cf550 atv range?

    Looking at a new quad and saw the new cf550 quadzilla,anyone had anything to do with them?
  4. The sheep dipper man

    Working Kelpi wanted

    Hi could anyone please help me, I'm looking for a kelpi to work sheep any suggestion?
  5. The sheep dipper man

    Plunge dipping

    Now taking new customers on for the coming dipping season. Eradication and control of blowfly strike, Lice ,Scab,Ticks and Keb. Fully licensed mobile dipping contractor can remove waste dip if required please get in touch if interested 07967596134

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