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    Payment Security Using Email

    I have had occasions where on booking hotels and occasional purchases where credit card details have been requested including the cvv number. I have never included the cvv in the same email as I believe there is a very high risk of my details being used fraudulently by someone with access to...
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    Is The Beef Market Turning and Anyone Want Friesian Calves?

    I have been selling store cattle for the last 6 weeks and despite the gloom and doom the job has got better every week with today some classy Lim x heifers weighing 450 kg at £860 and a good Blue x at 410 kg for £770.00. However the last few weeks I have been amazed at how low the price has been...
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    RPA and Natural England a Complete Mess!

    A year ago we had an inspection of our Higher Tier Countryside Stewardship. The chap came all the way down from Cumbria and spent 2 days over a weekend walking over the ground with a satellite mapping system (over 800 acres). The land is border dyked and in small field parcels and not easy to...
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    Winter Grazing for Ewes or Lambs Wanted

    We are looking for winter keep for Ewes or Lambs. Anywhere in the South East, Somerset to Lincolnshire and south and east from there. Good prices paid. References available. PM or phone 07976255431
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    ABP Cattle Insurance Just a Con?

    This week I had a good heifer that went to ABP that came back with C Bovis and they only paid £1.50 instead of £3.18. I automatically presumed that as I pay £3.00 for every animal I send it that the difference would be covered by insurance. But NO C Bovis is specifically excluded and when I...
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    What Do I Replace My Old Laptop With?

    My old Lenovo Laptop has died and I am struggling to know what is best to use as a replacement. We use a number of different programs on an office computer, the main one being Sum-It which works very well and I also have the mobile cattle app. I would like to use whatever I get as a...
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    Conservation or Bad Farming?

    While checking around livestock yesterday I found the inevitable dead sheep, already half eaten by the local wildlife. Now I had already seen a Black Kite flying around, two Buzzards and a Red Kite that was also feeding on the carcass and then two Marsh Harriers which were not feeding on it...
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    I have received the email below from the RPA. I am sure others will also have these and while I understand the need to control the amount of water used for irrigation, the need to Tax us for water that falls out of the sky and we control through sluices to make wet fences and for the benefit of...
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    CS Revenue Claim Confirmation Beware

    I received an email late yesterday saying that I had not completed/submitted my annual CS revenue claim. This has been an ongoing saga and having failed to get the on line system to work I was advised by the help line to email it in. This I did and while only receiving an email acknowledgement...
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    DEFRA General Licence Consultation

    In their infinite wisdom DEFRA have decided to do at very short notice a Consultation on General Licences. The closing date for responses is Monday. It is extremely important as many people as possible reply to this or I can see they will say that farmers were not bothered and Chris Packham and...
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    How Do I Remove A Field From My Land?

    I have managed to add land before but I must be thick this morning as I cannot find any way of removing a field! I cannot find any help screen that tells me how to do it. Any help please, other than spending half an hour on the phone to the Muppet line.
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    On Line CS Revenue Claim

    I spent the morning doing my Countryside Stewardship Revenue claim on line as instructed. All seemed to go alright once I had worked out how to save the changes of land I made for the rotational options. I then printed it out and all was fine, so I pressed the submit button and waited. It...
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    It Is Time For The First Swallow Sighting

    I saw the first one this year on a fence in East Sussex this morning. Do I get the Prize?
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    Are Our Officials Too Risk Averse?

    After a windy day today and a number of trees blowing down during the morning, one of which was a large Oak that completely blocked the top of a lane at a junction with the main road. Unfortunately the tree also brought down some power cables (insulated) that went to two houses. However the...
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    Abattoir Survey Important To Complete

    Everyone, this is a very important survey and needs plenty of people to highlight the importance of the dwindling numbers of small abattoirs. Once they close they will never reopen and no one will build a new one! If you wish to highlight the value of small abattoirs to Government please...
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    Sunday Is Always The Worst Day For Disasters

    We had what has probably been our worst case of Dog attack today with 12 dead and 25 injured, all in lamb ewes and what were our best pure bred ewes we use for ram breeding out of a batch of 120. Phone rang at 8.00 am and a person who overlooked the field said there were dead sheep everywhere...
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    Control Box for Parmiter Post Driver

    We have an elderly Parmiter contractor post driver which still works quite well. However the control box with the levers that control all the hydraulic rams have got very worn and sticky. Anyone know if it is possible to get parts to revamp the box to keep it working for a few more years? Or...
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    Rubbish Dumping Does Anyone Care?

    We have a farm down a country lane that is in an attractive area but is quiet so suffers from Fly tipping. Today while travelling along the lane I saw a car in the distance slow down and throw something out of the window. I stopped and retrieved the bag of McDonalds leftover rubbish, but was...
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    Why Sheep Were Worth More

    I was asked why it was no longer possible to buy sheep's brains here, in many countries they are considered a delicacy. The reason is of course BSE and the theoretical risk that sheep may have it. This made me think more about what we used to eat and when talking to my local butcher he said...
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    Issues With an Adopted Road

    I am Chairman of our local Community Hall, which is relatively new and is situated down a small lane and next to a 900 year old Church. The lane leads to two farms and a number of houses. A "newcomer" has bought what was the farmhouse and the land around the Hall and the lane. Before the Hall...

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