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    4G Signal Booster

    We are on the edge of 4g coverage in our house typically our phones flicker between 3G and 4 G and we only get about 2mbps. If I go outside and walk a couple of hundred yards it’s solid 4G at 25-30 mbps so I was thinking a booster would help. Had a look in line and there’s everything from £15...
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    Hi, Our loadall just came up with this fault, had a look on JCB website it didn’t recognise the code, anyone know what it is?
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    Savings Interest for a SIPP

    Bit of a long shot but I’m looking for a recommendation for a savings account for my pension fund. I have a SIPP that’s sold a property and is sitting on some cash that’s earning virtually nothing at RBS. I’m not planning on needing the money for at least the next 12 months. There’s various...
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    We've just had 1/4 inch of rain following drilling with maybe more to come should I still roll if it drys up? Is there any rule of thumb about it?
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    I’ve just been on magic maps and found that the measuring tool appears to be well out. I’ve checked half a dozen fields and magic maps is measuring the area at about 20% less that it actually is. Has anyone else noticed the same or have I got some setting or other wrong?
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    Power Harrow Servicing???

    As is tradition I’ve located and removed the power Harrow from the hedge it was left under in September, I’ve checked the oil and greased the roller bearings and pto - is that it? Should I CHANGE the oil or put some extra grease in the bottom bit that’s full of grease ? Feel somehow I should be...
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    Stewardship Payments for 2018

    Well March is here and apparently 75% of 2018 scheme year payments will be made this month! I fully expect to be let down by NE/RPA so be interesting to hear of anyone actually getting paid.
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    Muck heaps on stewardship options

    Does anyone know if having a muckheap in option area like AB9 is acceptable or not?

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