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  1. Becky1992

    Ear tags for sheep

    I was wondering what ear tags everyone uses. what they would and wouldn't recommend? Thanks
  2. Becky1992

    Livestock Work Wanted

    Im 23 based in Surrey, outwood. I have cow experience but more sheep experience as currently have my own sheep and help my partner out with his contracting business so can drive a tractor. Please message me for more info Thanks
  3. Becky1992

    Weaners for sale - gatwick

    Large white X weaners mixed sex 10 available £30 ATTACH=full]341140[/ATTACH] ATTACH=full]341138[/ATTACH]
  4. Becky1992

    Sore sheeps udder HELP!!

    One of my ewes has triplets and I started noticing her kicking her away when they went to drink. Flipped her over she has sores round the teats and he udder is hot an lumpy and one lump has got bigger. Gave her a jab of penicillin 3weekz ago should it have healed up by now? Is it masitis or...
  5. Becky1992

    Wanted Suffolk sheep or other

    Looking to expand my flock wanting Suffolk sheep but don't mind any other breeds. Based in Surrey rh1 Thanks
  6. Becky1992

    Sheep shearing

    looking for a sheep shear I'm based in Surrey Rh1. First time getting my sheep done wondering who you'd recommend? Thanks
  7. Becky1992

    Wanted Suffolk Sheep or other ewes

    Looking for ewes to expand my flock wanting Suffolks but am looking for other breeds as well. I'm based in surrey, Rh1 Thanks Becky

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