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  1. davidroberts30

    Beef boxes for sale in pembrokeshire

    Had a Angus steer killed and boxed up so selling boxes of beef for £120 Mix of steaks,roasting joints,mince diced and burgers Can see more on my Facebook page "leonardston farm beef" Thanks
  2. davidroberts30

    mf 35x 3cyl diesel cylinder head caps is this the style they are or is there another version ?? on our little 35x here the caps leak periodically and need new gaskets but the caps on mine are flat and I assume what's left of the centre bit is rattling in...
  3. davidroberts30

    Best eating beef breed

    Just for a but of fun Assume all are r4l and all fed the same
  4. davidroberts30

    Jcb 310 hydraulic solenoids

    Just a heads up for you guys If you have leaky solenoid on the spool block,DONT buy new solenoid for £340each!! Buy the complete valve section complete with 2 solenoids for £300!!
  5. davidroberts30

    tanco beet bucket

    any washer/chopper buckets for sale any where ,closer to pembs the better but not impoprtant preferably on manitou brackets asking for a neighbour not on TFF cheers
  6. davidroberts30

    any fodder beet prices for west wales

    as above I have a few ton surplus and looking for prices
  7. davidroberts30

    Sai global

    So not only are they pulling out of assurance of pigs they are also pulling out of assurance for beef and lamb in wales🤔🤔 Only had the inspection last week too🤐🤔
  8. davidroberts30

    early tanco cleen a feed hydraulic motor

    does anyone have the part number for the hydraulic motor? ive found literature that says char-lynn 394,but that's not helpful to match a new motor
  9. davidroberts30

    earth bed cubicles

    got a shed with 40 beds in that need topping up it will get a heavy roller treatment, but what I want to know is if I mix hydrated lime on the top of the bed and roll that down will the surface go harder and stay more solid for longer?
  10. davidroberts30

    Vintage combine thread

    Lot of us on here running older gear still putting in the work @Tim G
  11. davidroberts30

    cattle trailers

    thinking to change my 16yo ifor dp120 ,want to stay wheels under/demountable box looked at nugent and ifor in the county show today, nugent looked a stronger trailer and both similar money when specced the same waiting on a price from graham edwards who else have I missed out on? thoughts on...
  12. davidroberts30

    Grain auger capacity between 3.5inch and 4.5inch

    As above How much would a 4.5inch auger move more than a 3.5?? My 17ft 3.5inch auger is moving 6t a hour
  13. davidroberts30

    mf 7480 t3 air brake pressure sensor

    got the part number as G716.970.020.055 is there a super ceded part number or would anyone like to quote me for a new sensor thanks
  14. davidroberts30

    combine flexible sealing strips

    after some for my old binder, obviously jd don't list them for mine so after something I can cut or drill and make fit
  15. davidroberts30

    Mf separ water separator

    Anyone know if the separ water separator fitted to t3 masseys is a swk2000 5 or a swk 2000 10 Both look similar:banghead: and mine is dripping
  16. davidroberts30

    Moore drill refurb

    Just thinking out loud here How much to refurb a Moore?? Disk,coulter and bearings.....anything else?
  17. davidroberts30

    welsh water vegan post

    this was posted earlier and removed a little later:mad::mad: maybe we should all dock 1/7 off our bills... if they fixed all their leaks they would save more water than most of us together
  18. davidroberts30

    mf 6400/7400 t3 air con question

    my 7480 the compressor is engaged with the switch in the cab in the off position,hence compressor running continuously and icing things up pull the tail off on the back of the compressor and it cuts out ive heard there are a couple of relays somewhere about the cab but where?? anything else to...
  19. davidroberts30

    Bmw 3 series led headlights

    Anyone got 1 of the above?? Mrs has and there's a horizontal dark line in the beam of the headlights You got the dip beam and when you use main beam the dip stays lit and main beam goes over the top of the dip but the main beam is too high Bmw say there's nothing wrong:rolleyes: If I park 1...
  20. davidroberts30

    Borehole pressure vessel pressure question

    As above Pump kicks in 40psi and off 70psi What pressure should the pressure vessel be set too??

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