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    Don't Drive your Tractor to the pub

    Bloody hell, we might have to park round corner at hay time
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    4 Ring selby market get someone to come out and sort the job out.
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    Agree with this. Sheep on tack can be a nightmare. Scab and lice are off the clock now
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    We all have a bit of this. Last year I put 100 ewes and their rams in a field electric fenced in. Three days later neighbour to land put 50 ewes next door behind a 1ft high crumbled wall. All the ewes came over the wall and paraded uo and down the electric fence line until the inevitable...
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    NWF Ewe Rolls

    I could possibly drop the soya and beans altogether if I can get them eating brewers grains. Lambs are a bit funny with them to start with I find. I once had a feed with a lot of rapemeal in it and lambs didn’t like it so I steer away from this now. I am no expert just trying something a...
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    NWF Ewe Rolls

    This is the ration I have had done for a few lambs I have left. Whole Barley 40% SBP 17.5% Maize distillers 10% Flakes maize 10% Wheatfeed 6.5% Flaked peas/beans 7.5% Molasses 3.5% Hi pro 2.5% Minerals 2.5% 14% crude protein.
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    That was my thinking. I have a supply of brewers grains which I could use for the protein but lambs can be a bit fussy on them. How much molasses is in coarse ration as a guide?
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Lamb finisher blend. Any good? What should I ask for in it? I was thinking 40% barley 35% SBP 20% rape meal (may swap to soya depending on price) 2.5% molasses and 2.5% minerals. They want to roll barley but I want it whole - anyone do this?. How ‘dry’ will it be and how high can I go with...
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    I think they would have been £85.00 top line at a markets
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    Fuel price tracker

    Job will be quiet. Nobody is doing Much. Too wet on the land for both diggers and tractors and x mas messes things up too.
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    They don’t fudge about
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    Concentrate Price Tracker

    That old chestnut. Well he has shafted himself if you’re not happy and going elsewhere.
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    Square bale trailer

    He won’t know whether he’s coming or going with that set up
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    Concentrate Price Tracker

    Do you not agree a price before it rocks up like?
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    Sheep ring feeders

    Sounds like my style of machine! Are the ‘proper’ ones £5k?
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    Sheep ring feeders

    Shake a bale between two rings. All you need is a grab on the loader no other unrolling machines etc. Sorry this doesn’t allow farmers to have new toys. Chopped bales spill out of sheep rings cradles hang them and all these other contraptions sound like potential catastrophe.
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    Store cattle loose muck

    I would try this. If I try and feed too much Brewers grains it Scours stock
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    Which sheep breed

    Have you got bored of the sheep? I know a lad who want to change the breed of sheep every few years as they are no good for his ‘system’ but the underlying thing is that he is bored of them. Spends a fortune and then blows his brains out when he gets shut. If you put a similar ram onto your...
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    Silage / Straw / Hay Price Tracker

    Good money for 2foot bales
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    Is this bale stack safe or not?!

    They look safe enough but they look a pig. They should be bumped up tight. I am a bit of a pervert for stacking bales. I love stacking little bales into a nice stack. Big squares are easy even 80x90 but you need to take time to start the stack correctly and get it correct then the rest just...

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