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  1. Riverblue

    Smock Top

    Have any of you tried clothing from a Welsh company called Brenig clothing. They have a waterproof Smock for sale for less than £100.
  2. Riverblue

    Waterproof bib

    Have any of you tried these from Brenig Clothing
  3. Riverblue

    Best tasting/ most versatile potatoe

    Cara for me, with Rudolph a close second
  4. Riverblue

    Muddy gateways?

    What we do is put loose wool/daggings in the gateways with a good layer or stone/hardcore on top of it. Should last for years.
  5. Riverblue

    barley beef need some advice

    Yes west Wales. Straw is around £65/t here this year, £115/t last year. Was thinking of feeding them a blend rather than just barley as hoping to get a better conversion of feed.
  6. Riverblue

    barley beef need some advice

    Have been looking into it here , but i would have to buy in all of the feed and the straw. Enough calves to be had locally and already have sheds .
  7. Riverblue

    barley beef need some advice

    How much feed do they eat to get to 500kg, and how long does it take from when they enter the farm until they are off?
  8. Riverblue

    barley beef need some advice

    I thought that beutilar wanted only wanted them from 450kg up, minimum 220kg dead? Yours are probably near to 250 -270kg dead.
  9. Riverblue

    barley beef need some advice

    What price is Beutilar giving for their cattle at the moment?
  10. Riverblue

    Doug Avery

    If only!!! There was around a hundred people including a bus load from Brecon area.
  11. Riverblue

    Doug Avery

    Was down in Llanelli too. I was sat at the next table to you with the ahdb girls!!!! An excellent evening. Doug spoke very easily and from the heart, welling up once or twice. Had the pleasure of having a chat with Doug at the bar before the start on the evening. Hope to read his book soon. A...
  12. Riverblue

    Bangor Blue Slate

    Try Travis Perkins. That's where we got some Canadian slate last time.
  13. Riverblue

    Waterproof trousers and jacket

    Have any one of you used this company from north Wales?
  14. Riverblue

    ETA boiler servicing Derbyshire

    Another vote for ESP. Cant fault at all. Full service for our ETA boiler £360 which includes a two hour drive down to us.
  15. Riverblue

    New laptop

    Laptop is going great. Wife uses more than me, because she is a teacher and uses it to prepare lessons. Only niggle is the battery which goes down quite quickly. When we brought the computer there was an option to put in a new battery, but we declined that offer.
  16. Riverblue

    New laptop

    Have no clue about computers, except that Dell is a good company and the prices looked good value to me. The option of 3 years warranty showed to me that the company trusted their products.
  17. Riverblue

    New laptop

    Brought a refurbished laptop of this company Cant fault them, and up to three years warranty. Saved over 50% on the laptop.
  18. Riverblue

    Sheep feed barriers

    Looking for 7 X 15ft sheep feed barriers with access gates in them. Must be in good condition. Can collect. Thank you.
  19. Riverblue

    Dry spell over

    From what i saw on fb, the river at Llechryd Bridge has risen around 10ft since this morning, and it's only going to get worse as the water from our end of the Teifi reaches down there in the next few days.
  20. Riverblue

    Dry spell over

    The worst weather here in west wales for nearly 30 years. Nearly all of the towns and villages along the Teifi Valley have been affected by flooding. Carmarthern is a no go area because water has overflowed over the flood defence. One person between New Castle Emlyn and Carmarthen has been...

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