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  1. Forage Trader

    Wind Turbine Returns

    As someone who knows nothing about the job , could someone in the know be so good as to bring me up to speed . Buying or renting the site etc
  2. Forage Trader

    Tree Planting Scheme
  3. Forage Trader

    Labour Party Conference

  4. Forage Trader

    Labours Position

    We are going to ask the EU for a deal , but then ask the people if they want to remain against the best deal we can get . It really has become a total joke
  5. Forage Trader

    Name that Bird

    The one on the right . Lambourn this morning Still a fair bit of wheat to cut around there
  6. Forage Trader

    Farmer Boris

    Nice to see Boris out on farm again
  7. Forage Trader

    Labour policy

  8. Forage Trader


    Is there anything you can do to stop this logging off nonsense. I've not logged off for months . But the last 2 weeks I'm having to log back on up to 5 times a day
  9. Forage Trader

    Why do we import Bacon

    Bacon and Chicken Surly we would be better feeding our own grain and sending the muck back to the soil Is it just Superstores or are there other reasons
  10. Forage Trader

    Brighton Pride Festival

    Big shout for the farmers at Brigton Pride Today
  11. Forage Trader

    britannia rules the waves

    Looks like they will have to scrap that then What a laughing stock we are
  12. Forage Trader

    Egg Record

    Just opened 5 eggs 5 double yolks
  13. Forage Trader

    Bale Wrap

    Any preference on brands Total seems the cheapest Silo Tight and Silo wrap bit dearer
  14. Forage Trader

    Thistle Spray

    Thistlex or Forefront?
  15. Forage Trader

    Labours 2cd Ref

    So what will the question be Got to be Remain or No Deal They can't surely fudge it with 3 questions Or that so called deal that no one wants
  16. Forage Trader

    Lely Tedders

    Without going into which is the best , it is well recognised among big outfits that Lely does the business, is it not tragic then that they are no longer in production. Can not farmers put pressure on someone to get them back in production, or are they to be lost forever
  17. Forage Trader

    Mobile Home

    How longs that been there. Bird flew out this morning when I lifted the bonnet. I've been using it regular over the last month
  18. Forage Trader

    Charity Bike Ride Team Bale Us Out
  19. Forage Trader


    MCPA application rate for rushes ?
  20. Forage Trader

    DNA Test

    Does anyone understand this And why am I showing not English DNA 60 % Welsh

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