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  1. dazza b


    Just want opinions on the Kellend Agribuggy looking at 2nd hand, just wondering what to look out for all comments appreciated
  2. dazza b

    Legal limits for a 16yr old

    Can anyone help is there a legal weight limit for a 16yr old on a tractor? Cheers daz
  3. dazza b

    Generator size

    What size 3phase generator would yo go for to run a workshop? Welders, compressor, grinders drills?
  4. dazza b

    Merlo issue

    We’ve got a merlo at work with a man basket that you can remotely control whilst in the basket we can’t get the controls to operate whilst in the basket and we can’t get it to lift higher than 3 metres whilst in the seat? Is there a safety key you need or does anyone know what to do ( forgot to...
  5. dazza b

    Fastrac with Landquip demount

    Does anyone run one on here very interested but want to know the pros and cons please and what sort of spec can you get on the demount cheers daz
  6. dazza b

    Concrete sleepers

    What they worth 8ft concrete railway sleepers
  7. dazza b

    In lamb rylands

    After a couple of in lamb rylands cheers
  8. dazza b

    Iae sheep handling

    Well I’m thinking about putting a new sheep setup in was thinking about iae system c anybody got/used one or what do other people use/have
  9. dazza b

    Fat lambs

    Right thinking about feeding my last few lambs to get them fat was wondering about sugar beet cause if I had any left would feed it to the sheep Pre lambing
  10. dazza b


    What are people’s thoughts on either a big m mowing outfit or an 828 with triple mowers?
  11. dazza b

    Train wheels

    Where’s the best place to get train wheels and what sort of price will they cost?
  12. dazza b

    Ifor cow trailer

    Hi we have a 10ft trailer at home with the old forklift style tyres was wondering about changing them to the more standard tyre and wheel has anyone done this and know what is involved and how much it would cost? Cheers
  13. dazza b

    Cow care green slat mats

    Does anyone know where I can get these mats from and what sort of price they are? Cheers
  14. dazza b

    Digging in a trampoline

    Has anybody done this? We have a 12ft trampoline that I want to sink into the ground, any tips please
  15. dazza b

    Fastrac 4220 and Demount for spraying

    Like the idea of this setup is there many people out there using them what are all the pros and cons please
  16. dazza b

    Greenstar value

    Hi was just wondering if anyone can help and tell me what these 2 kits are worth? 2600 screen 3000 pod and atu steering wheel and a 1800 screen 3000 pod and atu steering wheel cheers
  17. dazza b

    Vicon sprayer

    Just looking at trailed sprayers today at lamma and spotted vicon had one there and was quite impressed anyboyhad owt to do with them or had a look today
  18. dazza b

    Stainless steel artic tanker

    Looking for a stainless steel artic tanker to use as a stand tank on different farms for liquid fert cheers daz
  19. dazza b

    Concrete towers

    Has anyone had problems with new concrete towers cracking and weeping?
  20. dazza b

    Valtra t254

    Just had one of these on demo and been really impressed actually shocked at how good they are, simple to drive new screen is simple to use anyone else had any dealings with this model?

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