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  1. YorkshireAndrew

    Anyone know these chaps ?

    This photo was posted on a Facebook page a few days ago , it’s a long shot but I wonder if anyone can put a name to any of these faces .
  2. YorkshireAndrew

    We’re in the wrong job .

    I see that Ed Sheeran’s world tour has grossed nearly £360m in ticket sales , fair play to him , I’m thinking of a career change .
  3. YorkshireAndrew

    Welger round baler spares .

    I’m looking for a supplier of Welger round baler spares for our baler . Any suggestions gratefully received , thanks .
  4. YorkshireAndrew

    What’s colour is this ?

    I see this bucket as one colour but several people see a different colour , I’ve probably got bad eyesight though . [emoji849]
  5. YorkshireAndrew

    Burns night & haggis .

    Myself & my significant other half have been invited to a Burns night tomorrow evening , does a haggis taste as bad as the ingredients would suggest ? I’m considering being vegetarian tomorrow . [emoji849]
  6. YorkshireAndrew

    Your pen name - just for fun .

    Listening to an interview with an author on my local radio station this week when she was asked how she got her pen name , “I chose my first pet & my mother’s maiden name” was her reply . Mine would be ‘Chester Hutchinson’ , which I reckon is darn cool . [emoji849]
  7. YorkshireAndrew

    Short term car insurance .

    I was wondering if anyone on here has ever taken out this insurance for just a few days ? Any advice & recommendations welcome . Thanks .
  8. YorkshireAndrew

    Snowflake dog walker .

    Three weeks ago I caught a villager walking her dog around a field next to one we use to graze livery horses in the winter . I pointed out the error of ways & told her to keep to the footpaths as people & dogs in places where they shouldn’t be can & do startle animals not to mention the chaps...
  9. YorkshireAndrew

    The truth about vegans .

    Dispatches on Channel 4 now , should be a good watch .
  10. YorkshireAndrew

    All terrain bike speedo .

    I’m wanting something to measure forward speed , I can’t see any reason why one of these won’t do my job .
  11. YorkshireAndrew

    Strictly farmer dancing .

    As some of you already know we’re doing a ‘Strictly get dancing’ competition this evening for Martin House children’s hospice in Boston Spa near Wetherby . If anyone is able to please sponsor us on our ’Justgiving page . Thank you , photos to follow ...
  12. YorkshireAndrew

    ELS/HLS 2018 payments .

    We have the January - June payment due & apparently they’re prioritising outstanding payments from 2017 which is fair enough , however has anyone had any indication as to when this year’s payment will be processed ?
  13. YorkshireAndrew

    Kittens looking for a home .

    I’m looking to rehome two kittens which a friend of my dad has inherited . They’re about 3 months old , in good health & neutered . They would really need to be farm cats as they are a little wary of people . We are in West Yorkshire not far from Wetherby, Tadcaster & Leeds . Thanks for reading...
  14. YorkshireAndrew

    Luing cattle .

    Has anyone any experience of this breed , we saw some at Kilnsey show & apparently they’re a docile breed which do well on lesser quality grazing .
  15. YorkshireAndrew

    Farmers etc & their lack of public relations.

    I saw this on a Facebook page this morning , unbelievable .
  16. YorkshireAndrew

    Farm for sale .

    Just seen on Facebook , any interest on here I wonder ? It seems to be fully equipped .
  17. YorkshireAndrew

    What’s it worth- if anything ?

    I’m having a clear out & rediscovered our Marconi moisture , is it worth anything or not please ?
  18. YorkshireAndrew

    Petrichor .

    [emoji4]At last .
  19. YorkshireAndrew

    Sliding scale for subsidies .

    I had a random thought the other day . How about paying tenants the most per acre reducing down to claimants whose land was bought & paid for ? For folk still paying off land a figure somewhere between could be arrived at . Tin hat firmly in place .
  20. YorkshireAndrew

    J.D electrical problem .

    The cigarette lighter , cab light light & radio have stopped working, these are protected by a 20a fuse which is ok . The fuse is number 15 in the photo (yellow bottom left) , any ideas as to what the problem may be please ?

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