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  1. ajcc

    Miscanthus for on farm use.

    Bought in cereal straw is a big cost to many livestock farmers. Anyone ever looked at growing miscanthus purely on farm use? I don’t know what the cost of establishing 10 acres of miscanthus would be, but once established you get 15 years of 10 foot high straw crop with no inputs required. You...
  2. ajcc

    McConnell rhino spares

    I ave an older rhino topper with busted gear in outergearbox (6 spline version) part no. 00755506. Output gear. Tried several dealers and McConnell but part listed as obsolete so thought TFF power might be worth a crack for one rusting on a shelf somewhere? Thanks for reading.
  3. ajcc

    Natural England knows best?

    Telegraph. Bill Potter. Fell ponies. story to this thread please. Criminal waste of tax payer money?
  4. ajcc

    Thinking ahead with Tony’s cronies.

    With Tony Juniper at the helm of Natural England and the revocation of the “general licence for bird control” occurring in the first week or two of his tenure we as farmers and countrymen need to be aware of the very real threat this appointment poses going forward. I predict a review and u-turn...
  5. ajcc

    Killer dogs, irresponsible ownership?

    I been reading just this weekend of a certain farmer and his shepherd making a point in no uncertain terms. Somewhere down Sussex, Kent , Romney marsh area!!! If I were more tech minded I could find and link the article and join up the dots......The name looks familiar @Frank-the-Wool
  6. ajcc

    Chris Packham CBE

    You must be having a laugh your majesty. Otherwise it is an alarming sign of the times, somewhat at odds with the countryside as I know and love.
  7. ajcc

    Check your rape/turnips...

    Have some early Aug.planted stubble turnips looking proper but had cause to chase an escapee calf across them with an atv last week. Plants are foot high but bad extensive beetle damage ongoing so have done a second insecticide spray. Heads up no seed dressing and mild autumn, glad the calf was...
  8. ajcc

    Stuff farming, we’re Natural England!

    Any farmer looking to taking an environmental shilling must beware. My css arable reversion agreement ended in 2012.
  9. ajcc

    National Trust. Agm 2018

    Considering NT as having ear of the environmental future policy/public value...the agm proposed motion for 2018 should interest every cattle farmer?!!
  10. ajcc


    I’m thinking I might start grazingwithin the next fortnight. Cows and calves on bare pasture being fed maintenance hay, going off milking and knocking he’ll out of fences. Feed now they really need it although roots about 25%. Overwintering dry cows not soooo problematic.
  11. ajcc

    Trailer tip rams

    Looking for a pair of rams for Norton twin axle 8.5 tonne trailer. 91 cms pin to pin closed. 12.5 ext. cylinder diameter. anyone got sound pair surplus?
  12. ajcc

    Woodchip corrals

    Tell me what you know from experience. I have 50 beef cows and no shed space, they graze beet and lie on grass but it can all get pretty muddy in a wet time. I happen to know of a thousand ton heap of chipped Douglas fir about five miles I’m thinking of making a 40x40 fenced enclosure...
  13. ajcc

    Look what came in the post!

    September 2012 my css rollover agreement came to term end......I chose not to renew it....NE didn't like losing me despite only being prepared to offer 60% of any previous annual payment. Today over 5 years later I opened this laughable offering from someone called Wesley Smythe evidently a...
  14. ajcc

    Electric tractor

    How long before we see such a thing? Assumedly they will appear before long, does anyone have inside track on progress in this field?
  15. ajcc

    Rats and reseeds.

    Undersown spring barley cut today for baling tomorrow, the field had overwinter cattle grazing kale until end of February. Glad to free up a bit more grazing as that hot spell has burnt much of my summer graze. Be nice to have a week of good rain now to freshen the soil and deter the tourists...
  16. ajcc

    Baling brassica.

    Beginning May I put 10acre of Typhon mixed with kale as drought insurance crop. Month later its growing a treat as is grass etc. Thinking of double cropping by cutting and baling mid July and replanting same mix for winter grazing. Been reading old threads and not v.inspiring but seems very...
  17. ajcc

    Radio 4 farming today!!! Did I dream it?

    Listened this morning, did anyone else. We had National Trust (biggest uk recipient of bps)appealing for £36k to buy a replacement White Park bull. Followed by George Monbiot advocating-seeing the countryside by trespass! Followed by "Tweet of the day" A man in a London tower block office who...
  18. ajcc

    Bolting Beet....Too much of a good thing.

    Bit of sunshine after the rain this afternoon. Been a good year for feeding fodderbeet in situ. Still have 25% rain insurance acreage unused but it is starting to grow leaf again rapidly. So decided to keep the roots from going woody and terminate the bolting. This is feldherr fodderbeet...
  19. ajcc

    Looking For Work Wanted NZ Beef/Sheep Experience

    18 year old UK farmers' daughter seeks New Zealand work/farmstay/exchange opportunities for July/Aug/Sept 2017. Any help and advice welcome, Contact:

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